Dear Mr.Breck and Mr.Balian
   1.In coordination with the Government of the Republic the
three following tasks are given to the "Search" center:
    a) the search of the lost,  rendering of help to the
families and relations which reunite.
    b) taking part in the work of the Government Committees
on creating integrated computer control systems through
reconstruction work (see"Communist" local newspaper,February
8, 1989).
   By the present time on the assignment of the Government
Committee of the USSR a resolution has been taken to organize
an All-Union Information Retrieval System on the basis of
the Armenian "Search" center.
   Thus we are entitled to carry on all sort of business
talks on the above-mentioned tasks, to consider the
proposals of foreign firms and parties concerned.
   Besides this as the scientific secretary of the
Republican Coordination Center on the Development of Science
and Technique under the sponsorship of the Ministry Soviet
of the Armenian SSR, I'm also entitled to take part in the
coordination of help on the reconstruction of science
and technique potential in the towns and regions which
suffered from the earthquake.
   2.Proposals from all countries come right to the Ministry
Soviet as well as to different organizations and
institutions every day.
   They are considered separately and if the parties come to
an agreement essentially, they are submitted on the next
stage, to a special Government Committee on Help
Coordination coming from abroad (headed by Levon
Saakian) for coordination and approval.
   3.In our information we were trying to give you some idea
of the general concept  of the telecommunication system,
network for the control problems of the social, economical
processes,clearly understanding the complexity of the
problem and insufficiency of your (NSI and ARS) resources.
   In this respect we are satisfied that the ideas and
suggestions of the center "Search" are supported
objectively in the international project "Telehumanism". I
came to know of this on February 15 and that's why some
disagreement had taken place in information sent.
   Mr.Balian can get acquainted with information ICC in SFMT
(Feb.10.ICC Netnews Release 4) and my information in SFMT
YER 0015 on February 16 1989 to J.Schatz. If you can't get
this information in SFMT we shall copy it in Notepad.
   As to objective help and presence of your organizations
in creating systems and networks, I think it's expedient to
correct the problem.
   This is connected  with the results of the recent visit
of Vazgen 1, the Supreme Patriarch, Catholicos of All
Armenians to USA where it was decided for better help to the
regions of Armenia which had been destroyed, to focus the
efforts of Americans of Armenian origin on revival
of  Stepanavan. Here they will finance the equipment of schools,
kindergartens,hospitals and resorts.The Catholicos of All
Armenians  was  received  by  J.Bush, who  expressed  his
condolence on the occasion of the tragedy of Armenian
people, and asked about the work for revival of the
destroyed regions.
   In this connection the center "Search" is ready to
conclude agreements with you and any other organizations in
respect of help to Stepanavan.
   All these agreements will be accepted by the Government
of the Republic.You know the nature and structure of the
problems  and  now  we  together  shall  solve  them  for
Stepanavan. We wait for your proposals. I hope to cooperate
with you.
  P.S.I want once more to thank you and your friends
personally for the efforts that you make out of humane
motives. We shall not forget our sincere friends,a friend in
need is a friend indeed.As to our future relations, I'm sure
that after revival of the  estroyed regions we shall,in our
turn,help others.We shall aid them by our experience and
knowledge and models and algorithms.
   Our motherland Soviet Armenia will revive and,I'm sure of
it,help all the Armenians abroad to survive.
   You can send us inquiries for searching people who
lived in destroyed regions of Armenia for correspodence with
relatives and friends inhabitants of the USA.We ask you in
this case to inform us of surname,first name,patronymic of
the people you want to find, year of birth, house address
(we shall appreciate information about the relatives and
family members of the corresponding people),telephone number.
   Thank you very much for the manual of Notepad which was
handed me by L.Peshtmaldjian.I also met Khazhack Sarkisian
in our center.