Dear Paul,
 Thank you very much for the invitation to take part
 with papers in the conference.
  I offer to discuss the feasibility of including the
 papers "Telehumanizm - the essence, principles,
 structure (the experience of Armenia)".It may be timed
 to 15-20 minutes.I'll be waiting for the resolution.
  P.S. In Moscow in the IAS they have promised me to
    solve the question of connecting of the computers
    of the Center "Search" via the Armenian Branch of
    IAS to the System of International Telenet.I hope
    that at the nearest time we'll have the opportunity
    to   develop our cooperation and to realize the
    teleclasp in practice.
     I would like to inform you that in the Soviet
    magazine "Za Pubejom" ( it's a very popular
    weekly of the Union of Soviet journalists) # 13,
    1989 the article after Thomas Allen from
    "Smitsonian",Washington entitled "Going through
    the electronic pages" has been published.
    There is some information about you as the father
    of the electronic system of education "New
     Here's another thing.Your article about
    teleeducation has interested the representatives
    of the Ministry of Education of Armenia. They
    consider a number of proposals made by the Center
    "Search" for organizing the teleeducation for the
    children who has suffered from the earthquake.
                 Sincerely yours,