Dear Ren
 I am very glad that our contact is  resumed.It  was  really
for the first time I was speaking English over  phone.Excuse
me please for your waste of time and  money  because  of  my
pure English.I seem to understand just half  of  the  things
you said.
 Vaganian and I got acquainted with  your  message  to  Fred
Silverman with great interest.We'll send  you  our comments
 The fact that our messages are received  at  your  end  not
properly upsets us very much.I think it's because of lack of
our knowledge of NSI.We tried to send  you  our  last  three
messages in 60 characters per line instead of 72 as before.
 By the way we prepare the texts on IBM PC Apo  left  us.But
we can't connect the PC to the net because of absence of the
 We'll try to send you this  message  by  setting  the  13:4
parameter instead of the 13:0  you  recommended  us  at  the
beginning of our work last year. May be it'll help us.
 We'll keep experimenting and  please  inform  us  when  the
messages will be received normally.
              All the bests