Dear Mr.Levinson
Excuse my tardy communication.It is accounted  by  the  fact
that Notepad channel via Moscow had been out  of  order  for
about two weeks.Besides I was doing my utmost to work at the
possibility of technical realization of your proposals.
1.First of all I'd like to thank you.
Gentleman's invitation to take part in teleeducation touched
my colleagues and me.We are  very  grateful  to  you.We  are
greatly interested in your courses of education  and  themes
of  discussion. Moreover,  we  have  some ideas to  exchange
with  you.I  call  your  attention  to  some  themes  of  my
reports.It would be of great interest to  me  to  have  your
thoughts about the following themes :
-Natural phenomenon  and  models  of  development  of  human
 qualities (personal business,political);
-Administrative decisions and computer graphics;
-Modeling specialists training;
-Cross  as  a  religious  symbol  -  historical  model   for
 philosophy of nature and society.
Our center  "Search"  is  busy  with  investigation  of  the
abovementioned themes.We have prepared a special  course  of
education under the  title  "Activization  of  thinking  and
development of associative memory".This course is  based  on
experience of the work and studies of Samvel Garibian.He  is
a young employee  of  our  center  and  possesses  fantastic
abilities in using resources  of  memory.He  has  been  much
spoken in our central and local  press.I  hope  to  see  our
proposal assumed by the basis  of  teleeducation  that  will
give us the opportunity to conduct courses of teleeducation
from Armenia for the USA and other countries.We want  to
believe in it.
2.Unfortunately, it's almost impossible for us  to  have  an
access to the network you are using for your education.It is
explained by the technical problems.Frankly to say, we  hate
to  trouble  you  in  tranfering  the  courses  via  NOTEPAD
especially, as we have no  possibility  to  pass  the  whole
course of education.
3.On March 13 I leave for Moscow.The aim of my visit  is  to
make finally out all the possibilities and  perspectives  of
using your network.Our meeting with  authorities  will  take
place  in the  National  Center  of  Automatized   Exchange
of Information.
Additional information will follow.
Unfortunately,the technical means of our  center  are  quite
limited.We have two personal computers IBM AT and XT at  our
disposal.Provisional time is a year.Both  of  our  computers
are overloaded with our tasks.For the time being  we  access
to NOTEPAD and SFMT via the Yerevan  Branch  of  IAS.But  we
have digital  package  radio  equipment  that  helps  us  to
communicate with other countries by amateur-radio channel.
Can you connect up computers with radio communication?
That will  realize  straight  communication  with  you.I  am
disposed  to  think  that  extension  of  broadcasting   the
information (both textual and graphical) via digital package
radio communication will be quite  effective  in  conducting
courses of teleeducation. It  will  lower  the  price  of
education  and  widen   its geography.Later on we shall
abondon telephone  channels  and modems.
Two more questions.Do you discuss the problems  of  grapical
communication?And do  you  plan  to  use  the  abilities  of
graphical interactive language which cannot be compared with
textual one in its advantages? The matter is that in Yerevan
Politechnic Institute I conduct the course of  education  in
automatization of design for students  of  the  Architecture
and  Engineering  Department  using  quite  effectively  the
graphical  language  for  intensification   of   education.I
suppose it will  deepen  thinking  and  increase  amount  of
processed information.For the present instance we  are  free
to use concealed possibilities of human sight apparatus.Eyes
are not the only reflection of one's soul.They  are  also  a
part of one's brain removed to periphery. Now imagine please
Armenians eyes - big , black and  sparking.Have  a  look  at
children's eyes and you will see an enormous  potential  and
joy of creation,which is not always developed.The memory  of
those tragic days makes  me  renew  in  my  mind  that  vast
majority of  unique  children's  eyes  conveying  the  whole
terror of tragic.
P.S.Dear Paul
I and Peshtmaldjian will be delighted to have copies of your
book "Mind at large" and other materials which you  consider
to be helpful for us.Please send them to our addresses.
I rely on your help and assistance  of  Connected  Education
Inc.  in formation and development of teleeducation in
Armenia.As to our side we shall do our best to realize  this
important task.
Wouldn't you mind if we involve  the  Yerevan  Politechnical
Institute in this work?
                       Sincerely yours