Dear Mr.Breck
The news about  your  financial  difficulties  and  the  sad
perspective  of   closing   the   teleconference,we   fairly
considered historical and unique,upsetted us very much.
We  think  this  teleconference  to  be  the   creation   of
perestroyka the evidence of good  relations  between  Soviet
and American people.
The "electronic glastnost" in practice  has  already  mainly
contributed to bringing our people closer to each other  and
it could do very much in nearest future.
A  lot  of  proposals,showing  not  only  a  good  will  but
professionalism and competence as well,have been made.
A number of proposals have been examined at the level of the
governmental authorities.
A  number  of  problems  such  as  organization   of   joint
Soviet-American enterprises,signing of  mutually  beneficial
contracts and others are to be solved.
On our side the number of paticipants of the  teleconference
is increasing and it is desired that this process will  take
place at your end as well.
Keen  interest  has  been  always  shown   in   Armenia   in
everything going on in NOTEPAD teleconference devoted to the
destroying earthquake in Armenia.
This interest has considerably increased aimed at  resolving
the most burning problems of our time.
We in Armenia also have our problems and it is  always  very
useful to know what's being done in other countries.
We wish every success to our  friends  from  NSI  and  their
leaders with whom we established relations of mutual respect
and friendship.
We hope you will manage to overcome all the obstacles on the
ways  of  our  cooperation  and   we   will   continue   our
                        Head of RCADE
                     Levon Peshtmaldjian