Dear Mr.Breck
I,too,read your comments and messages with great pleasure.
On your last message on Teledivercity I would like  to  note
that it is like a work of art.You are using the  words  like
an artist makes use of the representational symbols.It seems
to me that the same  laws  work  in  the  nature  and  human
society.The nature may be defined  as  a  unit  of  numerous
varieties  and  the  human  being  as  the  unity  of  these
varieties.At the same  time  the  freedom  of  choice,to  my
mind,is first of all the freedom of choosing  the  goal  and
then come the ways and methods of achieving it.
  So,long live varieties!
If you admit this it means that our views on the problems of
Humanizme and Mercy coincide.
Dear Mr.Breck,we have got a concrete idea.May be the NOTEPAD
leaders will make an official proposal on creating a NOTEPAD
center (for example an agency  or  a  joint  communicational
office) at the Armenian Republican center  "Search"  or  any
other organization.We consider that  this  dialectical  step
will allow to increase the effectivity of  coordinating  the
international relief efforts and broaden  its  possibilities
and improve and harmonize our joint work  on  achieving  our
mutual goal.
We are ready to present your  proposals  to  the  Republican
Governmental Commission directly.
We  look  for  Your  response  within  the   conception   of
Teledivercity and Telehumanizme.
                         Best wishes