Dear Ren
Thank  you  very  much  for  letting  us  know  about   your
correspondence with Apple Computer.
We have two small comments.
First,we think, that one of the MAC II  systems  in  Yerevan
should be  installed  in  the  Republican  telecommunication
information computer center "Search",the Head  of  which  is
Grigor Vaganian.
Second,we think that the future  of  the  computer  nets  is
connected with the radio transmission,that's why  after  the
earthquake  our  government   has   organized   the   center
"Search",where the telecommunicational center  with  package
short-wave ,to which a number of Ministries and  Departments
will be linked,is set.
We are ready  to  submit,discuss  and  sign  a  contract  on
creating a computer net in Armenia at the level of  Armenian
                     Thank you once more
                    for your invaluable help