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Private Notes:  March, 1989

Note  3  From Balian (Hrair) To Pesht (Levon)  12-Mar-89  6:02PM-PST

Subject:  Misc. Issues.

Date:     03/12/89
Ref.:     NP0312

To:       Levon Peshmaldjian and Krikor Vaganian
From:     Hrair Balian

I must apologize first for the long silence from my end.  I was
traveling in Europe on business and, even though I took my portable
computer with me, due to telephone system differences, I was unable to
connect to the network.  By the time I figured out how to do it, it
was the end of my trip in Athens.  Since my return, Notepad was having
difficulties and I was again unable to use the system.  Fortunately,
they seem to have overcome their difficulties and we we are back on
the air.

Thank you so much for the Saryan book you sent with Khajak Sarkissian.
It is indeed a great collection of his works with which I am familiar
and I admire very much.  Thank you again.  The b
ook of Kevork Emin
translations you sent to Ren was fabulous, what a great way to
introduce him to our culture and history.  He loved it.

Upon his return, Khajak informed us that you have a peace of equipment
which you feared might mal-function soon and disconnect you from the
system.  Unfortunately, Khajak did not know what the specific
equipment was.  If this is the case, please let us know and we will do
our best to procure the equipment urgently.  We are working the other
list you sent to us.  With the user's manual, were you able to use the
portable PC compatible Apo had brought to Yerevan in December?

We are working on an Armenian word processor which I believe we will
be able to use on this system.  There are Armenian word processors on
the market in the US but they are all inadequate for communications
purposes.  The one we are working on will be compatible, it will
output in ASCII format used by all coomunications packages such as

Regarding your note to Ren and I dated 3/1/89, in point (3), you refer
to some "insufficiency of NSI and ARS resources" and a "disagreement".
I am not certain we understand these references, we would appreciate
further elaboration if at all possible.  Also, you refer to SFMT and
messages sent to us through SFMT.  We tested SFMT together with
Notepad during the initial period of communicating with you and found
Notepad superior in a number of aspects for our task.  Consequently,
we chose Notepad and we no longer have an account with SFMT.  Under
the circumstances, would you please send us the messages sent through
SFMT again through Notepad.

As far as proposals from our organization: ARS is in the final stages
of completing its proposals which will be submitted to the government
in S. Armenia just as soon as possible.  The issues of networking and
computer equipment are also addressed in that proposal.

Paragraph (1)(a) of your note referred to above, discusses your tasks
regarding the missing members of families as a result of the
earthquake.  I you remember, we had raised the possibility of sending
to us a list of those killed during the earthquake, we had discovered
that such a list existed in Yerevan.  We are still receiving a large
number of inquiries from Armenians in California who have relatives in
the earthquake devastated areas of Armenia.  Unfortunately, it is not
practical to transmit to you each inquiry, you will be overwhelmed by
the number of such inquiries as well as us here.  I think, the best
way to handle this is, if a list existed, to send the list to us which

will permit us to handle the inquiries on a local basis.  We are
asking for a list of the confirmed deaths.

The KRON TV crew returned from Armenia towards the end of February.
Their impressions were absolutely and totally sympathetic.  The TV
station broadcast 10 minute segments for 5 days last week during their
main evening news hour.  The segments were extremely moving and
captivating.  The response from the general public was very
encouraging.  Lynn Joiner, the reporter, has become a hero among the
Armenian community in San Francisco area.  The children were very
affected as well, I don't think they will ever forget their
experiences in Armenia.  As soon as we have an occasion, we will send
copies of the video for your viewing.

With best regards.  Hrair