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Good.  Are you using a terminal that prints on paper?

- y

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* 1   Coordination With NOTEPAD Systems International
* 2   Soviet Armenia Earthquake Situation Reports:
  3   Disaster Site Situation Reports:
* 4   Armenian Relief Agencies General Discussion:
  5   Inter-Agency Clearinghouse Coordination:
  6   Health and Welfare Coordination:
* 8   ARMENIAN EARTHQUAKE Network Biographies:
  9   Network Mailbox: February 1989
* 10   Private Notes:  March, 1989
* 11   Private Notes: April 1989

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  12   NOTEPAD Training
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[51]  Mantia (Brook)  15-Mar-89 11:34AM-PST
     NSI is conducting an updated survey of the types of
equipment our clients are using with NOTEPAD.  As any type
of terminal equipment can interface with NOTEPAD, and the
range of computer equipment and software is ever-growing,
we ask your assistance in keeping abreast of these develop-
ments in order to offer better service and training.

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[52]  Breck (Ren)  29-Mar-89 12:09AM-PST
For our network users.

We have been experiencing Network Congestion in the Moscow
Switch of the IASNET that has prohibited Levon Pesht in Yerevan
to get through to our computer here in California.  I have
spoken to Vladimer Serdiuk about the problem and we are waiting
for the technical problems to be resolved at the
Instituite for Automated Systems.  To assist us with any
further difficulties we have asked Peter Boetz of Radio Austria
to join Notepad to help assist communications via
the IASNET lease line to Vienna.  NSI apologizes for the
temporary inconvenience you may have been experiencing.

Ren Breck
Director of Operations
Notepad Systems International

Telephone: (415) 492-9345