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Disaster Site Situation Reports:

[7]  Breck (Ren)  13-Mar-89  8:03AM-PST

Good morning Vladimer

[8]  Breck (Ren)  13-Mar-89  8:04AM-PST

Thank you Boris for your report.  I have been in touch with

Chris Rojhan at the Applied Technology Council in Palo Alto.

We have preapred briefing books and video tapes for their

team of eight experts who will be coming to Yerevan a bit

later this month.  The team is headed by Larry Reveley of

Salt Lake City.  I will send you the names of the team members

later this week.  Our hope is that they can assist you in

building into the new construction the adequate and appropriate

standards to prevent this type of disaster from happening

again.  Each of the team members bring with them a lifetime

of expertise which should benefit your working group.

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[22]  Breck (Ren)  13-Mar-89  8:12AM-PST

Thank you Bogdan, let me review this new proposal and get

back to you with our response.  Ren

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Soviet Armenia Earthquake Situation Reports:

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