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Coordination With NOTEPAD Systems International

Note  91  From Breck (Ren) To Pesht (Levon)  10-Mar-89  7:22AM-PST
Dear Levon,

Your last note means a great deal to me and to all of us
who have shared in the important work of these past months.
I share your thoughts that we have built a new set of relations
that can endure as binding foundations for new opportunities
between our two nations, and perhaps open new frontiers for
sustainable human development.  The process of using electronic
communications to build a dialogue that trancends sterotypes
and historical boundaries social and geographical to create
and respect diversity is new to our world.  Notepad is
a form of human expression that we have seen since our
founding that extends the ability of an individual or group
of people to work cooperatively towards specific goals
defined by their interaction and mutual exchanges.  As such
we have been dedicated to using this medium to meet human
needs, where other mediums have been unsuccessful or inadequate
due to their limited constraints.

Notepad was engineered from the human being to the machine
to be a kind of medium unconstrained by time or space.  We
have sponsored conferences for Nasa that have taken us into
space to travel with Pioneer and Voyager in thier historic
journeys across our solar system.  In 1982 we linked five
nations and hundreds of school children to talk with the
scientists involved in flying these missions.  The first
communications satellites were designed on notepad, as is
our Space Station.  Notepad is being used to evaluate
our critical options in the next decade for international
conferences to bring experts together to evaluate sustainable
human development and stewardship on our planet given the
finite resources of our ecological and natural resources.
In Nepal Notepad was used to develop a replicable model
in 120 villages to construct a program
with the World Health Agency and the SEVA Foundation to
diagnose and treat trachoma, vitamin A deficiencies and
cataracts.  This special program now is being used in
India and Africa to help treat the 500,000,000 people
in Third World nations sufferring from preventable causes
of blindness.  At Chernobyl in 1986 our world network
worked to develop the means and techniques used by the
USSR to extinguish the fire and cap the reactor.  On a
daily basis we create forums of every kind between people
for strategic planning and evaluations, to build projects
ranging from health systems, elderly and handicapped
housing, urban planning, new applications of
remote sensing,
even diagnose and masterplan the process we used here in
California to quell the Medfly crisis, a major problem
in poor nations, and one that could have cost the loss
of over $14 billion in agricultural products here in California.

Our design and development of Notepad has taken us fifteen
years and $3,000,000.