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  1   Coordination With NOTEPAD Systems International
  2   Soviet Armenia Earthquake Situation Reports:
  3   Earthquake Chronology and Milestones:
  4   Disaster Site Situation Reports:
  5   Armenian Relief Agencies General Discussion:
  6   Inter-Agency Clearinghouse Coordination:
* 7   Health and Welfare Coordination:
  8   Air Transport and Logistics:
* 10   ARMENIAN EARTHQUAKE Network Biographies:
  11   Network Mailbox: January 1989
* 12   Network Mailbox: February 1989

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  13   Coordination with The Institute for Automated Studies USSR
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Health and Welfare Coordination:

[3]  Breck (Ren)  17-Feb-89 12:33PM-PST
Thank you Professor B.T. Garbjanian, we will begin to explore
these needs.  Ren Breck, NSI

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[13]  Levinson (Paul)  17-Feb-89  8:49AM-PST
 Dear Grigor --
 I would be honored and delighted to help make the methods
of American online education accessible to you and your collegues
in Armenia.
 Towards this goal, I would be pleased to have you and your
colleagues as online guests in any of our Connected Education
 In particular, I invite you to be guests in any of the online
courses that I teach.  These include "Artificial Intelligence
and Real Life" (February-March) (a consideration of can machines
think?; use of "expert systems" in medicine, education, etc.);
"McLuhan: 25 Years Later" (April-May) (a study of the impact of
thinking of Marshall McLuhan -- who discussed the "global village" --
in the past 25 years, and in the future), and "Issues in International
Telecommunications" (June-July) (this course will consider some of
the very issues and problems in international communication we are
starting to deal with here in this network -- we also consider
such joint US-Soviet activities as online conferences to consider
the greenhouse effect).
 These courses -- and all Connect Ed classes -- are conducted on a
US computer system different from Notepad.  We have constructed
our "Electronic Campus" on this system, and it includes in addition
to our classes such features as our Connected Education Library
(containing hundreds of papers about the use and impact of
computer conferencing -- we recently added Ren Breck's paper
about computer conferencing and international crisis management;
by the way -- we'd be delighted to have papers written by you
and your colleagues in our Library); the Connect Ed Cafe for
online social conversation; and electronic bookordering service;
and much more.  You can access our Campus via International
Telenet at the network address: 311020100025.  We would be pleased
to set up guest accounts for you and your colleagues as soon as
you would like to visit our Electronic Campus.
 Another possibility, if you encountered any technical problems
in accessing the above number, would be for me to reproduce the
messages from one of my courses and place them here in a special
activity on Notepad.  (I'm not sure about the nature of your
computer connection to Notepad: does it allow you to access any
system in the US and abroad, or only Notepad?)  You could then
read these messages, and participate in the course by writing
your responses and questions here on Notepad;  I would then
insert these back into the course on our Electronic Campus.
This is a bit more cumbersome than your participating directly
in our course, and you would miss the other features of our
campus (Cafe, Library, etc.).  Thus, I hope that you can access
our Campus directly.  But if not, we can use the "mirror" conference
on Notepad.  Let me know how you like to proceed.
 Meanwhile, in my next Entry, I'm uploading a brief report I just concluded:
"Connected Education: Progress Report from the Front Lines of
Higher Learning."  It should give you some background about
Connect Ed and online learning.  You have my permission to
print it out, reproduce it, and distribute to whomever you
like in the Soviet Union.  (You might also be interested in
my book, Mind at Large, and the other references cited at the
end of this report.)
 I'm also sending additional materials about online education
to Mary Yntema at the IF in Washington DC., with the suggestion
that she have these photocopied and sent to you.
 Warm regards, Paul.
 (PS: Please feel free to address me as "Paul.")