Dear Hrair,
   I should like to expres my thanks to  you  for  your
detailed letter from 04.08.89.
 * I have sent you a few notes via  Ren  Breck  out  of
some technical difficulty. That days  only  activity  1
worked successfully.I hope that  our  difficulties  are
now at the back.
 * In a day or two I'll send you Private Note for  Ref.
NP0408A relatively our Notepad using purpose.  We  also
daily connect to Notepad with a great hopes that we can
be useful for our people.
 * As for ill-fated  user  manual  for  PC,  which  Apo
brought for us, we daily work on portable  PC,  set  up
texts with a help of  Hye  Writer,  user's  manual  for
which was brought to us Khajak Sarkisian.User manual is
necessary for as for using, so for defects eradicating.
By the way, its drive twice was spoiled and we repaired
   We can't use the Portable at full  rate  because  of
lack of manuals. We don't know what Manuals  there  are
but we think that it would be a great help for us  (not
only  with  Portable,   but   also   with   other   IBM
PC-compatibles) if we had IBM  XT  Technical  Reference
Book (XT and Portable Part N6280089)
   As far as we understood  in  Portable  is  used  the
Hercules card, we  never  met  its  description;besides
until now we couldn't guess how one or other  (Arm.or
Latin) font is loaded (or rather how is necessary  font
is switched) - is this Hye Writer's capability?, if  so
it may be described in system Programmers Manual).
   We don't use telephone systems for our computers  as
in US, so we don't need telephone adopter  plug.But  we
need 'Delta-25' adopter plug to switch on our computers
to our PAD.
 * We are glad that your work in creating Armenian word
processor is in progress. We as well as our  colleagues
from Moscow are working about it too, and we hope  that
in September we'll can send our  messages  in  Armenian
 * And once more about SFMT. Neither  I,  nor  Vaganian
didn't  appeal   to   you   except   Notepad.You   were
interested in the kind of messages  we  exchanged  with
SFMT,that is why i sent you some of them.I have  written
you  that  SFMt   promised   to   send  our messages to
any part of the world we like, as you  know we can't do
it via Notepad.
   A  fresh    example:  we   recently   heard    that
AESA organize the  First  World  Congress  of  Armenian
Scientists and Engineers on the August 1989 in USA.  As
the  time  ran  out  long  ago  we  (I,  Vaganian   and
Zacharian) have sent our reports via  SFMT  to  General
Chairman of Executive Committee,  prof.Migran  Agbabian
and informed him, at  the  same  time,  that  AESA  can
communicate with us via SFMT or Notepad, but we haven't
answer yet.Will you help him to  communicate  with  us?
So we'll have  the  opportunity  to  meet  in  USA this
   With best wishes, Levon