Doctor of biological sciences, prof. S.B. Grigorian
RA Ministry of Public Health
Center of prenatology, obstetrics and gynecology,
State filial enterprise "Houys-M"

Address: 6 Margaryan str., Achapnyak, Yerevan
Tel. 561839

A new thermoelectric device has been elaborated with a universal system for thawing out the deep frozen human and animal (bull, ram, cock) sperm. The device ensures the better preservation of the biological value and impregnation power of the unfrozen sperm due to shorter defrosting time and guaranteed sterility.

The new device is portable. It weights about 0.5 kg and is highly convenient for field conditions. The defrosting chamber, centrifugal pump and thermoregulator for maintaining constant temperature in the water bath are assembled in the same body. The device can be connected to the 220 V AC power source by means of a rectifier or to the 12 V DC battery. As a heat emission agent 50-60 milliliters of water, transformer oil or glycerin may be used. Technically the device allows to warm the emission agent in 5 minutes and to unfreeze the sperm in 10 seconds. The signal lamp indicates when the heater is on and when the optimum temperature (37-40 C) in the water bath has been reached.

Thermoelectric defroster for cryoconserved sperm

1. Centrifugal pump
2. Hosepipe
3. Sperm defrosting chamber
4. Defrosting chamber door
5. Centrifugal pump axis
6. Water bath
7. Container for defrosted sperm
8. Centrifugal propeller
9. Heater
10. Thermosensor
11. Signal lamp
12. Body
13. Cord
14. Plug
15. Rectifier