From the author

What language did our forerunners and the biblical Adam and Eva speak?
Before the biblical flood and the Babel turmoil all peoples spoke the same common and comprehensive for everybody language,they had also common religion.Then the languagesbroke up. The religion broke up too.Thousands of years passed,perhaps,even several tens of thousand years....
        This book is an attempt to install the first stone,the reconstraction of the model of the root dictionary,so called "stone language",which has been formed in the mentality of an ancient human being.
The book invites readers to immitate the first ideas and thoughts, which laid in the basis of words "designing",being related to different spheres of human activity.And it will beco- me obvious for many people how much we had in common, how much in common, can be expected by us.And even if anyone would change his atti- tude to the Armenian language and appreciates it,we can say,that the author reached his goal.

* * *

        My book will be met differently, someone will smile or smirk, someone will feel himself more joyous, lighter and warmer. Someone will be proud for his past.Someone will become cleverer and more honest, and someone will become just wealthier. The same is in life:someone likes snow, someone likes rain, and some- one likes bright and hot sun, someone likes power, treasury, idols, and someone likes to live keeping up the traditions and to perceive truth.
        I dedicate this book to memory of our not perceived and unknown forerunners whose genes, thoughts, aspiration, spirit and care, love to life, talant, kindness and grandeur are still alive in everyone of us.
        I dedicate this book to descendants,who will I dedicate this book to our descendants , who will become closer to us, while reading it and they will comprehend our road in life, imagine our thoughts, joy and care for an instant at least.

Love Homeland - it one.
Don`t leave Homeland - only that one.
Perceive Homeland, its language
And you will perceive yourself, comprehending life...

Grigor Vahanyan,
Yerevan,May 1993.


Instead of introduction
The stone Chronicle of civilization
The Most Ancient Symbols and Their Philosophy
Art of Coprehention, Mathematics
Culturak Heros and Their Feats
Gods and Mythical Characters
KhachÁpashtutiun (Crossworship)
Glory to Christ's Resurrection
Marouta(or Mary) - the First God's Mother
Haapet - Noah's Descendant

Appendix 1

Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
After the Book Was Written
Rock Carvings of Armenia
Armenian Ornamental Art