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of the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi
adopted by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia.

I. General provisions

1. The Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi adopted by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia(RA), hereinafter the University, is a higher educational, scientific medical institution, which is re-organized by the decision N 140 "On re-organization of the Yerevan State Medical Institute after Mkhitar Heratsi" of the Armenian government on 15th of March, 1995: which is subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the RA.
2. The University is located in 2 Korjun street, 375025, Yerevan, Armenia .

II. The mission of the University

3. The basic missions of the University are the followings:

4. According to it's mission, the University,

III. The management of the University

5. The management of the University is realized by the legislation of the RA and according to it's Regulations.
6. The members of the University Council are the Rector (chairman), the Vice-Rectors, Scientific Secretary, the Chief of the University tred-union organization, the Chairman of the student's council, the Deans of the faculties, the Heads of the Departments, Principals of the University hospitals and centers due to their occupied position, as well as the representatives of the professor staff, post-graduates, clinical ordinators and students who are elected by the faculty councils for five year period (the students number should make 15% on whole students number).
7. The sessions of the University Council are held twice a year at least. Council sessions should be considered legal at least 2/3 of the Council members participate them. The resolutions are adopted by the majority of general number of the participant's voices.

The University Council:

8. The principal manager of the University is the rector, who is appointed to the post or released from it by the Ministry of Health of RA.

9. The Rector of the University:

12.University student's self-governing and their friendly profits presenting organ is the Student's Council, which :

13. The regulations of the University's Council Organization is established by adopted regulations of the University Council.

IV. The structure of the University

14. Faculty is a structural subdivision, which is organizing and fulfilling education.

15. Faculty has departments and other scientific-educational and medical subdivisions.

16. Faculty is planning and organizing the educational activities according to majors.

17. The head of faculty is the dean.

18. Department is the main subdivision in organization of the University's scientific-methodical activities.

19. The University may have branches, departments, scientific-centers, educational-experimental centers, hospitals, clinics, organizations and other subdivisions of health. Their status, interrelations with each other and with the University are regulated by legislation of RA, by this regulation, and by their own regulations.

V. Organizations of the educational activity

20. Admission of students to the University is realized according to the legislation of RA.

21. The University is establishing the following form of study: lecture, seminar and laboratory studies, consultation, educational and practical training.

22. The graduate study in the University is fulfilled according to the legislation of RA in prescribed manner.

VI. The qualification and scientific degrees

23. The final-year students of the University receive corresponding qualification and diploma.

VII. The personnel of the University and students

24. The personnel of the University consists of lecturers, scientific, educational workers. The worker's right and duties are established by the regulations of the University according to legislation of RA.

25. The students have the following rights:

VIII. The scientific activities of the University

26. The University assists in the developing of all branches of basic and applied science.

27. The University organizes scientific congresses and seminars.