Все письма такого рода можно разделить на три категории: Они составляются по-разному, но с одной целью продать товар или услугу.
1. Товары - почтой
(оплата наложенным платежом)

В этом слуаче весь процесс купли-продажи совершается посредством почтовых отправлений. Продавец и покупатель никогда не встречаются лицом к лицу, причем последний не видит и товара. Поэтому перед продавцом стоит нелегкая задача: описать товар таким образом, чтобы убедить клиента, что ему просто необходимо его приобрести.
Здесь может оказаться полезным все, что привлечет внимание адресата: яркие конверты, рекламные проспекты, образцы товара.
Желательно сообщить как можно больше сведений, подчеркивающих качество и ценность товара, например: статистические данные, свидетельства других покупателей, гарантии и т.п. И наконец, вы должны максимально облегчить покупателлю обратную связь с вами: укажите свой точный адрес и приложите конверт с маркой. Не помешают и дополнительные соблазны - такая фраза как "не посылайте денег сейчас" может сыграть решающую роль.
Box 8118
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

March 3, 19__


What do Miss Universe and Mr. America have in common? They both lift
weights to keep in shape-with very different results of course. And
many women across the country are discovering - just like Miss Universe
- that weight lifting is an effective and fun way to a better-looking
body and better health in the bargain.

All-Pro has put together a special package to help women get started. We
will send you a pair of three-pound dumbbells and a fully illustrated
body-building regime. In just 45 minutes a day, three days a week, these
easy-to-follow exercises will firm up every muscle of your body from your
deltoids to your calves.

Despite the myths that have grown up around body-building, lifting weight
will not make a woman look like a man. Does Farrah Fawcett look like Burt
Reynolds? And weight lifting is completely safe. According to Dr. Leonard
Paddington of the Phoenix Sports Medicine Institute, "Weight lifting,
which strengthens the cardiovascular system, is safe for people of all
ages. If you start a weight-lifting program now, you will be able to
continue to whatever age you want".

Weight lifting shows results faster than any other form of exercise. Get
started now and you'll be all set for your bathing suit and the beach
this summer.

Our Women'n'Weights package, with the two dumbbells and complete exercise
regime, at the low low price of $21.95, is available only through the
mail. You can't buy it in any store. And for a limited time only, we will
send you, along with your purchase, an exercise mat FREE. This 100%
cotton, quilted mat is machine washable, a $6.96 value.

To order your Women'n'Weights package, and your free exercise mat, SEND
NO MONEY NOW. Just fill in the enclosed postage-paid reply card, and your
better body will be on its way to you.

Yours truly

2. Информация о распродаже

В письме, объявляющем о распродаже, должны присутствовать следующие элементы:

Winston Salem, NC 27106

January 24, 19__

Dear Customer:

Now that the scaffolds are down and the hammering has stopped, you are
probably aware that Justin's has opened a new store in the Bethabara
Shopping Center. We are extremely proud of this gleaming new addition
to the Justin family.

To celebrate the occasion, we are having a Grand Opening Sale, and
every Justin store will be in on it.

EVERYTHING in ALL our stores will be marked down 10-30%. Designer jeans
that were $25-$40 are now $20-$36. An assortment of 100% silk blouses,
originally $60-$95, are on sale $40-$65. The savings are incredible.

The sale is for one day only, January 31. But the doors will open
at 9 A.M., so you can shop early for the best selection. And, of course,
your Justin's and VISA cards are always welcome.

Sincerely yours,

3. Предварительная реклама

Предварительная реклама должна содержать описание товара, но только в общих чертах. Не нужно вдаваться в детали, укажите, что дальнейшую, более подробную информацию клиент может получить по такому-то адресу или телефону у местного представителя фирмы. В сопроводительном письме порекомендуйте клиенту приобрести товар и объясните, где и как можно это сделать.
Все письма, о которых рассказывается в этой главе, имеют общую черту: они должны выражать ваше искреннее убеждение в наилучшем качестве товара. При их составлении важно учитывать совокупность правил, сокращенно именуемых ВИЖД (AIDA).

Route 22
Eugene, Oregon 97405

February 10, 19__


You were right in there when the microwave oven made its debut, and
you've seen that "stove of the future" become part of the past, making
profits for us both today.

Well, we at New Stove haven't stopped looking toward the future, and we
are about to unveil what we expect will be the stove every American
housewife will be cooking on by the end of the century - the Sunlight

The Sunlight is a solar-powered stove that uses a set of four reflectors
to concentrate the rays of the sun on its cooking chamber. It can do
anything a gas or an electric range can do without the high cost of
fuels. As Americans become more and more energy conscious, we believe the
Sunlight will be the cooking appliance they turn to.

The Sunlight has to be seen to be believed. So we've arranged a week of
demonstrations at our factory showroom. To see this solar-powered
phenomenon in action, just contact your New Wave representative,
________ , at 824-8229. She'll be happy to arrange an appointment
for you.

Yours truly


Эти письма непосредственно не связаны с торговыми операциями. Основная цель этих писем - поддержание и повышение престижа фирмы. Все они должны демонстрировать ваше внимательное, дружеское отношение к клиентам, убедить их, что ваша компания независима, надежна, и что в ней работают честные, компетентные и вежливые люди.
Вот, например, письмо, направленное новому клиенту после совершения им первой покупки с использованием кредитной карточки.
100 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

June 12,19_

Ms. Beverly May
100 Gould Street
Needham, Massachusetts 02194

Dear Ms. May:

Now that you've used your Pine & White credit card for the very
first time, we are sure you have seen for yourself the convenience and
ease a charge account provides. So we won't try to "resell" you on all
the benefits you can take advantage of as a new charge customer.

We'd simply like to take this time to thank you for making your
first charge purchase and assure you that everyone at Pine & White is
always ready to serve you. We are looking forward to a long and mutually
rewarding association.

Welcome to the "family".
  Sincerely yours,

Ms. Christine Popoulos
Customer Relations

Особого интереса заслуживают письма, цель которых - показать, насколько дорого фирме мнение клиента. В письме содержится просьба указать на недостатки в работе компании и выражается готовность немедленно их исправить, как только клиент сообщит о причинах своего недовольства. Если клиент действительно откликнется на эту просьбу, ему следует отправить ответ и обещать, что проблема будет срочно разрешена.
100 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

May 26, 19__

Mrs. Addison Tanghal
14 East Elm Street
Brookline, Massachusetts 02144

Dear Mrs. Tanghal:

It's been more than six months since you charged a purchase at Pine
& White, and we can't help worrying that we've done something to offend
you. We are sure you are aware of the convenience and ease your charge
account provides, but we would like to assure you once again that
everyone at Pine & White it always ready to serve you.

If you have encountered a problem with our service or merchandise,
we want to know. It is our sincere desire to give you the personal
attention and satisfaction you have come over the years to expect from
Pine & White. And we welcome the advice of our customers and friends to
keep us on our toes.

Please fill out the enclosed reply card if something has been
troubling you. We will give your comments immediate attention, as we
look forward to seeing you once again at our Brookline store and all
our other branches.
  Sincerely yours,

Ms. Christine Popoulos
Customer Relations

Чтобы предупредить возможные жалобы и улучшить товарооборот, крупные компании часто рассылают своим клиентам информационные письма, цель которых - сообщить ранее неизвестыне факты или расширить представление о каком-либо виде товара.
Montgomery, Alabama 36044
October 19, 19__

Dear Wine Lover:

Did you know that, in blind tastings among distinguished wine
connoisseurs, California wines have been reaping the highest awards for
more than the past decade? In fact, California is now recognized
internationally as a producer of premium as well as jug wines.

California wines come in three basic types: Varietal wines are
named for the grape from which they are made, such as Cabernet,
Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. Generic wines are made in the
style of a region elsewhere in the world, such as Burgundy, Port, or
Champagne. And Proprietary wines are trademarked according to the name
of a wine blend produced by a particular wineyard, such as Wild
Irish Rose.

In addition to the better-known vintners, such as Gallo, Almaden,
and Paul Masson, California is the home of many small wineries that
produce outstanding wine in small quantities. To discover these
lesser-known (and often surprisingly affordable) wines is a delight
for any wine enthusiast. The perfect place to begin your search is your
local Liquor Land, where our friendly wine merchants are eager to
recommend their latest finds.

Let us please your palate soon.

Sincerely yours,

В заключение хочется напомнить о том, что, какую бы форму ни имели письма, обеспечивающие связь с клиентами, все они должны звучать дружелюбно, потому что они подчинены выполнению именно этой сверхзадачи - приобрести друга фирмы, а это поможет вам обеспечить, поддерживать или даже восстановить престиж компании.