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     VOLUME 15         NUMBER 1          1992


     Connected Education, Inc.
     Greenwich, Connecticut         London, England

                         Paul Levinson
                         Connected Education, Inc.
                       92 Van Cortlandt park South, #6F
                            Bronx, New York
                         Managing Editor
                           Tina Vozick
                       connected Education ,Inc.
                           Associate Editors

          William  Benzon               Aharon Kantorovich
        161 Second street               Tel Aviv University
        Troy, NY 12180                  Tel Aviv, Israel 69978
        Donald T. Campbell              Eric McLuhan
        Lehigh University               York university
        Bethlehem, PA 18015             Downsview, Ontario
        Noam Chomsky                    Canada M3J 1P3
        Massachusetts Institute         Carl Mitcham
         of technology                  Pensylvania State university
        Cambridge, MA 02129             State College, PA 16801
        Harlan Cleveland                Peter Munz
        University of Minnesota         Victoria University
        Minneapolis, MN 55455           Wellington, New Zealand
         Peter Haratonik                Gerard Radnitzky
       Hofstra university               Im Muehlegrund 12
       Hempstead, NY 11550              D-5501 Korlingen
       Davis G. Hays                    Glendon Schubert
       25 Nagle Avenue                  University of Hawaii
       New York,NY 10040                Honolulu Hawaii 96822
       Larry HIckman                    Peter Skagestad
       Texas A & M University           24 Griggs Terrace
       College station, TX 77843        Brookline, MA 02146
          Carl Hodges                   Gordon Tullock
       Enviromental Research Lab        THe university of Arizona
        Tucson, AZ 85706                Tucson, AZ 85701
        Ian C. Jarvie                      Marry Turoff
    York University, Downsview        New Jersey Institute of technology
        Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3         Newark, NJ 07102
                        Grigor Vaganian
                        "SEARCH" Center
                     Yerevan, Armenia, USSR
                        Assistant Editors
        James Barham,  412 Ruby St., Lancaster, PA 17603
   Elias Khalil,  Ohio State University, Mansfield, OH 44906
                         Review Editors
   Gary A. Cziko, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL61801
    Steven A. Peterson,  Alfred University, Alfred,NY 14802
  Albert Somit,  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale,  IL 62901
                        Founding Editors
        James F. Danielli*                Harvey Wheeler