Bookmarks relevant to Distance Learning

Researched and supplied by Gillian Walsh, Head of Distance Coordination Unit, School of Education

General Sites of Interest

The Commonwealth of Learning - Training for Distance Educators
National Distance Learning Center (NDLC), University of Kentucky
Centralised information source on distance learning programmes & resources
NLII - National Learning Infrastructure Initiative
AERES - Distance Education, Open Learning and Flexible Delivery
Australian Educational Resources index and links
Open Net Australia (educational services)
Educational Internet service with links to Australian library of on-line journals etc
Distance Research Centre, U of Central Queensland
Antimony online journal, Australia
University of Western Audstralia online journal for culture, science and technology

Course outlines and examples

USA and Canada

World Lecture Hall (University of Texas)
Links to many sites with www distance courses &/or materials
The Globewide Network Academy, MIT
Catalogue of online courses
Globewide Network Academy Catalog
Athena Virtual Online University
Courses, materials etc from Athena, Columbia MO, USA
Indiana University
Language Arts education courses through correspondence and the world wide web
Nova University, Florida
Items for teachers working in distance education programmes
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA
Descriptions od internet Art & Design courses
Dept of Distance Education, Western Michigan University, USA
Course outlines & details of self-instructional courses
The Virtual Classroom at New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Articles & links on distance learning
Shenandoah University, Virginia USA
Course description etc of tdistance eacher training via internet & video for maths teachers
Los Angeles Schools distance learning projects
Home page with links to projects & support services from the Los Angeles County Education Offices
California College for Health Sciences, USA
Course outlines etc for Health Sciences distance learning programmes
University of Hawaii Distance Education
Course outlines etc
Open University of British Columbia, Canada
Course outline & description of OU course on internet
University of Guelph, Ontario
Extensive list of links to distance education, on-line journals, newsgroups and educational technology
Simon Fraser University Centre for Distance Education, Canada
Course info and examples from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Acadia University, Canada
Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada. Description & examples of distance courses using multimedia including teleconferencing
TeleEducation in New Brunswick, Canada
Details of courses run by teleconferencing & other media
Genesis, Canada
University of British Columbia,. Outlines etc of interactive online courses


Open University, UK
International Centre for Distance Learning, OU, UK
OU documentation service with dl bibliographic index, dbases, etc
Details of OU course on Distance Learning and EdTech, Autumn 1996


Deakin University Home Page
Open Learning Australia
Home page with links to course descriptions etc
Central Queensland University www distance courses
Course outlines etc and links to online modules
Monash University, Australia
Info and course outlines
Macquarie University distance pages
Australian Opennet links to games etc

Course examples

Review of Florida Consortium project
Project Review, Central Florida Consortium of Higher Education, Distance Learning Project
Distance learning demonstration projects (engineering)
Virginia State University demo pages, info on projects & links to other distance learning sites
University of Maine distance pages
Links to many examples of www distance materials
Brandon University, Canada
On-line training packages on using the www
Example distance course on literature (USA)
John Hopkins University www literature course pilot 1995
Michigan Classrooms without Walls
Examples of www teaching materials for children and links to related sites


KMi Home Page at The Open University, UK
Far West Laboratory
Descriptions, publications and links to related pages/sites
Institute for Learning Technologies, Columbia University
Distance education info and index
Institute for Learning Technologies: Index
Index of papers (some online)
Distance education on WWW (Switzerland)
University of Geneva distance education index and EdTech pages
Computing Learning Center Home Page, Ohio USA
Oberlin, Ohio courses and references
ADEC distance learning consortium, USA
Australian Society for EdTech
Australian Society for EdTech regional links
Links to other www pages in Australia, NZ etc
Macquarie Technology Aided Teaching Consortium
U of Adelaide LEAP project
Home page with brief summary of LEAP and links to project details etc
gopher links to edtech and distance ed lists
Notes on distance and multimedia from University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Notes and links to multimedia ftp sites and example courses delivered on the web

EdTech journals

Interact 2.1 (Online journal)
Articles etc on edtech and learning
TECFA paper on distance learning and Edtech
Position paper on distance learning by Daniel Peraya, TECFA, University of Geneva, Switzerland
TECFA Education on the net (Education sub-pages)
Educational technology pages from University of Geneva, Switzerland with pointers, links & commentaries
TECFA open and distance learning abstracts
University of Geneva abstracts with search facility bu theme/keyword
Australian educational computing journal
IAT Information Resource Guides and Bibliographies
Australian Journal of Educational Technology
Pacific Rim EdTech journal, Australia
From now on ... homepage

Tech tools

Changes in the Learning Environment Home Page
Teachers OL development kit from Australian Open Learning Technologies Co
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Style sheets, FAQs etc on HTML etc
Institute for Academic Technology
University of North Carolina pages on exploring interactive technologies in education
West educational support tools
Software (with demos) for www and multimedia materials
Arlington Courseware Homepage
Info and demos from distance learning consulting firm based in Berkley, California. Also has links to other www sites
Open Learning Technolgy Corp, Australia
ClassroomWeb (Wentworth's CyberSite)
Materials and products for schools
Oak Ridge Research's Selected Internet Education Resources
Links to book outline Ellsworth's EDUCATION ON THE INTERNET
Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education
List of lists and links

Distance theory and articles

Needs Assessment for Distance Learning
Engines for Education
Hyperbook on distance learning from Institute For Learning Sciences, Northwestern University
Guide to teaching and publishing on the web
Book on internet teaching and publishing by Harry M Kriz, Virginia Polytechnic University
CoVis Info & demo materials
Learning through Collaborative Visualisation Project based at Northwestern University, USA
Australian course materials on distance education
Materials from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Online Chronicle of Distance Education
Ohio State University Journal
Occasional Papers in Open & Distance Learning
Online papers and abstracts from Open Learning Institute, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Adult Education Network Journal
JHU Capstone Project Team Home Page
Details of www course planning and design for distance literature course
Johns Hopkins SCS Graduate Capstone Project Report

Cognitive Science articles and links

ACT research papers (computer mediated learning)
Research papers on intelligent tutoring systems from Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Cognitive Sciences, University of Edinburgh
Home page
SIGNAL: Specificity of Information in Graphics and Natural Language
Research details from the Graphics & Language Working Group, Human Communication Research Centre, University of Edinburgh, UK
Cognitive Science at Georgia Tech (USA)
Artificial Intelligence Research Centre
IGOR research group on Goal driven learning
Research papers on Learning, Language, & Cognitive Science from Georgia Tech
Cognitive Science Journals
Stanford University listing & links to cognitive science journals & web sites
The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Online journal, joint venture between several universities
Computer mediated Study Centre
Info & Computer mediated Communication Magazine from Renssalear Polytechnic Institute, New York

Search engines and sample results

SavvySearch: distance education training materials design
InfoSeek Net Search Results: distance materials design
Yahoo web search assistant
Stanford, USA
Zamboni's Search Engines
Distance Learning Directory
A long list of URLs compiled by Howard University
Distance Learning on the Net
Glenn Hoyle's selective bibliography which links to many other distance learning resources on the net
Distance Education Web Sites
list and link to 12 distance education sites worldwide
Australian Govt Index of online journals etc
U of Virginia online texts index
SGML and HTML refs, example texts etc
U of Michegan Internet Clearinghouse
Subject orienteted internet resource guides
LISTSERV list by Subject
Listservs and Online Journals
Welcome to The ERICPages

Online Bookstores and directories

UK Yellow Pages
Internet Bookshop, UK
Links to online books and journals worldwide
The Data Text Home Page (UK)
Online books and service for www versions of publications