(principles of the animal spirit theory)

Let's consider the social-economics system, consisting of the totality of all society members, that have consciousness and are in definite interrelations. Its movement is characterized by the functions of productions, distributions, exchange and consumption. The definite energy expenses (labor, resources, etc.) are needed for system storage. The restoring of them is carried out by satisfying the requirements of all society members. The system development (life reproductions) occurs in the energy expenses (the losses including) are less than the energy, received for the satisfaction of society requirements (the law of balance). If the balance is disturbed, the system operates according to so-called principle of the least action, when the energy expenses of a social-economics system are minimal. The balance of the system is possible in the case, when each of its elements (society members) by means of production, distribution, exchange and consumption receives all necessary means for its functions fulfillment. And the system stability depends on the element with the least stability (or the least relative counteraction to external influences, that change its balance).
The system development acceleration depends upon the most falling behind elements with maximal disturbed balance. Disproportion in the development of their requirements are not desirable in society. Under such a condition the system development is defined by the principle of the regularity - proportionality of the development of all parts of the whole.
The losses of society energy should be smaller than energy received from the outside in order the system can develop and its stability grow. So, society and a person have some definite "mechanism" of receiving and generating the "energy" coming from outside (from nature in this case). Let's call the space where a person-society lives - life space (bioenergetic field).
Person's ancestors during long period of time have formed and developed the various mechanisms of animal spirit receiving and transferring due to some favorable circumstances. These forms of receiving and transferring of animal spirit may by various.
In modern conditions all survived nations, peoples and representatives of animal world and vegetable Kingdom (flora and fauna) inhabited our planet, possess this mechanism of receiving-transferring.
Stability disturbance of one of the society elements (people nation country) is reflected on the functioning of the mechanism of receiving-transferring and of exchange of animal spirit. The changes of bioenergetic field balance via feedback affect the development of the whole system.
Bioenergetic field has a significant role in organizing population of living organisms, formatting of tribal communities establishing of nation and developing of faith and religion.
Living in definite nature conditions in lowland or in highlands receiving and spending animal spirit in different proportions, people have become close friends, have created languages and cultures and developed some definite features eventually. Hard struggle for territories for living space was in fact the struggle for life, for the rights to receive more animal spirit, the struggle for survival and development.
As mentioned above, one of the main factors affecting the development of living organisms is the balance and stability of the whole bioenergetic system. the changes in characteristics of bioenergetic field may lead to migration of peoples, to their dying out (when the bioenergetic field of a system.)
In this connection it is interesting to consider demographic regularities of peoples development, to define the connection between birth-rate and deathrate, to find the reasons of sharp leaps in increasing of biological populations. The matter is that character of receiving-transferring of animal spirit is changed during birth and death (especially violent death). In such extreme situations during the shortest period of time.
The characteristics of the processes of generating and transferring of animal spirit are changed.
A person's body is like a magnet that attracts this animal spirit. If you analyze attentively the traditional procedures of burial, you'll discover the regularities in periodic approaching of relatives to the body of the died (the 7th day, the 40th day' ect.). All the dieds are buried at the special places, the burial-grounds (which are more frequently established on the hills) and the relatives and friends periodically visit the place of burial.
During natural calamities, catastrophes, wars the mass andintensive animal spirit generation and consumption take place and the bioenergetic field is created, which disturbs the balanced and stable condition of survived people. Thus, they stimulate and intensity the process of animal spirit generations. In such cases there occurs the natural necessity for heterogeneous genders to physiological intimacy (copulation for biological species) and as a result of it an optimal modification of animal spirit takes place. It explains the leaps of birth-rate in population of economically backward countries of Asia and Africa where the children death-rate is extremely high and where people are continuously dying during wars.
Thus the birth-rate of different peoples is influenced by the state of bioenergetic field as a whole and by inherent sensitivity of animal spirit receiving-transferring mechanism. It is interesting in this connection to watch the repatriates of the second and the third generation ,who often without knowing the native language and living very far from the native land of their ancestors, when coming to this land experience their second birth.
It is explained by the fact, that being exposed to the affect of the given bioenergetic field, they find themselves in initial balanced state. Though they have completely forgotten this state, it makes them experience special feeling. They feel "blond" belonging to the given people. The catastrophic earth-quake in Armenia, death of thousands peoples, has affected the whole word, because it has caused the changes of bioenergetic field of the planet and has stimulated a lot of people to some action, which have taken the forms of help, charity, humanity and sympathy.
Which are the regularities of external and internal links, of the effect of bioenergetic field on a person, as system element? To answer these questions well use the principle of invariability between biological and physiological processes and structure. According to the law of Weber-Fehner, while the external irritant increases in biological system, the sensation increases in proportion to its logarithm, i.e. more slowly as compared. This means that with the force of external irritant the resistance to this force increases faster. Thus, the energy of the strongest irritants reaches the nervous centers in the least proportions. Otherwise these nervous centers of living organisms with their thin sensitivity should be destroyed. Analogically, any social-economic system, while being in definite state of balance, has a tendency to save this state and shows an internal counteraction to the forces, changing it.
Taking into account the above mentioned, let's consider the relations between the productivity of person's labor (physical or mental) and the level of satisfaction of his requirements. Physical, spiritual and material requirements of a person should be satisfied, first of all to ensure his vital activity (state of balance) by satisfying the normal functioning of the mechanism of animal spirit receiving-transferring. But a person should not only survive, he should also develop and reproduce. Thus, the mechanism of satisfaction of a person`s requirements can be identified with the basis for the mechanism of animal spirit receiving-transferring. For normal operating of this mechanism, the requirements should be satisfied to definite standard. In reality the fluctuations about the standard and of the standard take place. However, the consumption above the standard doesn`t lead to the "better" functioning of the mechanism.
The lowering of personal requirements satisfaction from the standard leads to decrease of receiving-transferring efficiency, decrease of animal spirit consumption. This resulted in the decrease of physical and mental labor productivity, and of energy generated by a person. If there are many enough of such persons, the balance of life space will be desturbed.
The increase of the external irritant (force) causes the faster increase of resistance to it. This leads to the further decrease of a personal labor productivity. Thus the less of the standard personal requirements are satisfied, the more his labour productivity is decreased, it going on not proportionally but according to logarithm. This means that society potential productivity value (capability) falls down more rapidly than the level of requirements satisfaction. Such a situation is clearly observed while considering the years of stagnation in the USSR, when the State Authorities have preferred the policy of satisfying the requirements of administrative-bureaucratic stuff. Ignoring the particularities of personal development has led to sharp decrease of production forces in society, of labor productivity in industry of production rates and to increase disproportion in distribution, exchange and consumption of labor products.
It is obvious, that to lead the society out from this unbalanced state, it is necessary to raise the productional force of society, to provide the requirement satisfaction of all members of the society and on the first turn of those ones labor productivity has fallen to the lowest degree.And we should also account that trust recognition of the purposses of his activity allow a person to use his animal spirit more effectively, to raise his labor productivity.
Taking into consideration the above-mentioned, the author suggests two main principles of society development optimization:

-According to the principle of effectiveness none of the system elements can raise consumption (his requirement satisfaction) over the standard of the others. The realized necessity of this principle implementation is the way to the real freedom (economical, political, social and spiritual).
-The element of the system that transformates the effective development into ineffective one, should receive less according to condition of stability than could receive if follows the condition of balance.

Catastrophes on the Earth reflect the stability of the whole Universe and may lead to its destruction i.e. to the destruction of more complicated system. And if there are intelligent creatures in the space, then our planet.
In practice it is of extreme importance to recognize balanced and disbalanced systems. Balance tendencies appear from numerous partial balance disturbances. With the system development, the number of its elements increases appear from numerous partial balance disturbances. With the system development, the number of its elements increases the sensitive of receiving-transferring mechanism grows, the elements variety widens and their productive force rises. And the highest system diverge greater than the lowest ones. That means that the divergence between the elements of higher developed system is more significant than among the elements of less developed system. With the system development the range of personal requirements widens, and the forms of satisfying them become more variable. This coincides with the growth of the sensitivity of the receiving-transferring mechanism.
What is the way to get this mechanism optimally developed? The only answer is by keeping the principle of the least action. In the moment of birth, getting into a new surroundings a child receives an impulse of bioenergetic field. The portion of received animal spirit is so great and the requirements in it are so small (the mechanism is already functioning),that the child should process it. So, in order "not to burn" the child immediately began crying. And people say that "a child is recognized according to its crying". They cry perfects and stimulates the mechanism of animal spirit receiving-transferring. The child's future greatly depends on surroundings life space, on what time of date or of season he is born and etc., all these factors affect the processes of animal spirit receiving-transferring. That's why it is very important for parents to be always with their new-born child. The improvement of the receiving-transferring should be carried out by using the following:

- sound - songs, speech, music (just remember folk lullaby songs, remember how much mothers speak with their babies );
- light - children sharply react on bright colors and toys;
- odor - children are very curious to the sources of different odors;
- water - air-baths (in fact, not "a hardening" takes place, but a stimulation of a balance of receive-transfering mechanism);
- early painting-drawing stimulate the mechanism of feedback; the process of effective animal spirit processing is conducted via "action-result-action";
- moving and physical games (new-born are unceasingly moving their hands and feet, by playing games children develop the receiving-transferring mechanism).

Surely, you have noted that being hungry a new-born child is crying furiously- the feedback is in operation; to maintain the receiving-transferring mechanism the child needs energy (food). The more loudly baby cries, the more energy he spends, the more he wants some food and the more loudly he cries. The younger a child is, the more frequently and longer he sleeps during the day-time. The frequency of receiving-transferring functioning is high. With age the periods of being awaken increase the receiving-transferring mechanism functions more stable. With age, when microbiological fields of adults more effectively affect the children, they leave their family home (they enter into the period of so-called independent life).
It is interesting to consider the hypothesis about analogy between the regularities of organization and functioning of human motor system and the regularities of optimal development (control) of social-economic system and regularities of functioning of animal spirit receiving-transferring mechanism.
The human society (as an element of bioenergetic system) functions as a summator of occasional selections of actions of quadratic form, one selection from each person.
It is suppose that there is a hyperbolic dependence between developed by a person force (energy) of bioenergetic field and productional rate of a person under this force. A person is capable to generate the necessary animal spirit only in the case when requirements are satisfied according to the definite standard. Productive forces of a person are practically linear functions of action rates.
A person, as an element of bioenergetic system, is a gissipative system in which animal spirit is continuously sprayed, transforming into other mechanical and non-mechanical forms. To minimize energy expenses (expenses of animal spirit) in concerned system, the receiving-transferring mechanism operates as an element, realizing the principle of the least action.
Taking into consideration the above mentioned we should mark 2 phases in the historic development of the society:

I phase - the development of the soviety is realized with out correction (without human consciousness);
II phase - the development goes with correction with the means created by human consciousness.

During the second phase of society development, its speed is proportional to the rest of the way to the target (defined by consciousness).
The proposed method allows to carry out the search of simple mechanism for organization of conscious (purposeful) society development. The society control mechanism should be a model - "a device", transforming input functions into output ones, described by X(2) distribution.
The mechanism, providing society development speed - proportional to the rest of the way to the target,is especially attracting. It's the simplest mechanism, realizing the principle of the least action and stability of multicommunication social system in closed-circuit and in open states. In this time the productive force of society turns into function. X(2) distribution with the number of degrees of freedom (where is the number of the whole society members). To understand the principles of the effects of bioenergetic field on person let's consider their dimensions (geometric images) during the whole life. The smaller graphic images have large surface areas with respect to their volume, then the bigger images of the same form. Relative surface area is reduced with the volume increase.
Children new-born especially, have large surface areas with respect to their bodies volume. The relative surface area of adults is being reduced. And it is natural. Children need more animal spirit. They operate mostly on the receiving. Adults gradually transform their dimension into the most favorable ones for animal spirit transferring.
Taking these rubs into consideration it is interesting to study the regularities of population migration and distribution.
It's no coincidence that great (numerous) nations are distributed on large areas and small ones on the small areas. Nations intuitively historically placed themselves in such a way, that bioenergetic effects be optimal in any natural-territorial conditions. In some regions, for example, it is unreasonable to construct many-storeyed buildings or tenement houses. And what is the link between the principle of close packing (stability of a system) and the principle of the least action? Let's bring an example. While placing the according to the principle of close packing in urban or country-side environment, the high potential of bioenergetic field and corresponding accelerated growth of productive force in these regions are provided (under all other equal conditions). As a result the greater stability of bioenergetic field against the relatively unfavorable effects is achieved. While balance disturbances the energy expenses the minimal (i. e. animal spirit losses are minimal).
It's no were coincidence that the towns in ancient times had symmetrical circular shape (e.g. ancient Greeks).Short halls and visual arenas were also circular. The usage of symmetry principles is regular in town-building. We always meet symmetry in living organisms. It is a reflection of the principle of the least action. The symmetry of a form is an evidence of proportional development of parts of the whole, of transition from one stable state into another one with minimal energy expenses.
The bigger (more numerous) towns are, the faster they grow. Disproportional growth of urban population leads to the growth of contridictions between town and village, between physical and mental labor and between dinographic processes as well. Accounting of the principle of the least action is very important for the solution of the problem of society intellectualization, of communication between individuals, development of visual-imagebearing spatial (multidimensional) thinking.
Perceiving the corresponding images the visual apparatus of a person expends the definite energy. Let's assume that the visual system also functions according to the principle of the least action. The energy expenses in perceiving, interpretation and identification of geometrically "beautiful", "correct" and "harmonic" forms will be minimal. In this connection the concepts of state happiness and love can be interpreted in the following way. Happiness is a self-sensation of a person in completely balanced state. Love is a state of a person when optimal accumulation and generation of animal spirit take place (for both genders), and this resulted in the growth of productive force of a person. It is no coincidence that people say that love has no obstacles.
Wise Nature on the second stage of society development has designed a person in such a way that to make life reproduction the result of conceiving of being in love genders. Happy families with parents being in love have happy children.
The stable bioenergetic field is generated in the society with love, freedom and brotherhood. It is very difficult to disturb its balance. Healthy, strong and clever people are born in such a society. The consciousness of the society grows. It generates goals, realized by each member of the society and strives for them with confidence. The society development rate grows proportionally to the rest of the way to the goal.
Matetial conditions for solution of corresponding problems are defined by the productive force of the society. The unity of productive force and productions is a reflection of the condition for reasonable life reproduction on two-dimensional plane. It is the original form of nature development the dialectics of transformation of idea into matter.