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Institute of Banking and Economics "Financist", Yerevan

Established in 1991, twice licensed by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia (license No 04, 26.08.91 and license No 121, 27.12.96). Registered by State Register of the Republic of Armenia: 01A No 0047 09, 06.12.1994.
Founders are Personnel Retraining Institute of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia and Professor Eduard S. Gasparian.
The rector of the Institute is Professor Eduard S. Gasparian.
The deputy rector on education is Hamlet Sh. Matevossian, Assistant professor.
The deputy rector on external relations is Karen E. Gasparian, Candidate of Economic Sciences.
The Institute provides Banking Management, Marketing, Economics and Accounting programs with 4 years duration (bachelor diploma).

The Institute has 3 faculties:

Applicants must take examinations on mathematics and the Armenian language. The Institute has a preparatory department.
Students pay for their education.
The Institute provides charge-free education for 5 orphan applicants.
The education fee is discounted for excellent students.
The Institute has 500 qm territory, two laboratories and a library.
First undergraduates graduated from the Institute in 1996. Nowadays they work at governmental and non-governmental banking and financial systems.
The Faculty staff of the Institute consists of 75 members, of which two correspondent members of Academy of Sciences, 11 professors, 50 candidates of sciences and assistant professors.

The Institute has a contract with "BANKING" educational center (directed by Academic Akhambekian) of the Academy of National Economy by the Government of Russia. According to the contract, lecturers of the Institute can be retrained in Moscow, and students may continue their education at the Academy.
The Institute participates in corresponding programs of European countries. One of the lecturers was retrained in Germany in 1996. The Institute is also allowed to retrain those who work at the banking system.
The Institute is ready to cooperate with interested organizations in the sphere of education by the following directions: