U.S. Companies with Offices in Armenia

The following is a list of fully or partially U.S. owned companies, and representatives of U.S. firms in Armenia with the names of contact persons, a brief description of their activities, and the year and form of registration (current as of 4/96):


ESI Engineering & Construction Co., Inc.
ESI plans to build a series of hydro power plants in Armenia. Michael Roche, Construction Manager
55a Charents Street, Yerevan;
tel: (374-2) 553-539, or 151-646
Registered February 29, 1995 as a branch office of ESI Engineering & Construction Co.,Inc., 777 South Flagler Dr., Suite 650 East Tower, West Palm Beach, FL 33401; tel: (407) 833-4040; fax: (407) 833-0011; Mr. Thomas Swiatowski, Project Administrator.

Construction, civil engineering, design, and cad
Henrik Tigranyan, Director
5 Nalbandian St., Apt. 11, Yerevan, Armenia 37501
Tel: (374-2) 523-983, 583-543, 580-070 fax: (374-2) 151-678
Founded in 1992 as a JV between HayArd Ltd., Armenia and Hybusiness (USA), Director - Vartkes Barsam

Huntsman Armenia Concrete Corporation
Manufacturing of prestressed concrete slabs
Mr. Hrach Tumanyan, Production Director
49 Artsakh St., Yerevan, Armenia, 375021
Tel: (374-2) 471-217, 54-33
Registered in 1990 as a JV between the Ministry of Construction and the Huntsman Corporation, 2000 Eagle Gate Tower, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111, Tel: (801)532-5200, fax: (801) 536-1581 (Jon Huntsman, President).

Armenian-American Housing-Manufacturing Ring Entity
Producer of artificial wall stone blocks, doors and windows frames, and wooden roof structures.
Koriun Gargaloyan, Director
53 Engels St., Maisyan Industrial District, Gumri 377516, Armenia; Tel: (374-269) 3-29-01.
Started in 1989, opened in 1991, as a joint venture between the American Assembly of America (60%) and the government of Armenia (40%).

Hill International Armenia
Construction management
Frederick Samelian, President
Greg Kahwajian, Director for Government & Public Affairs.
Renny Borhan, Project Manager.
Raouf Ghali, Financial Director.
5 Nalbandyan St., 2nd floor, Yerevan, Armenia; tel:(374-2) 529-871.
Founded April 21, 1995, as a subsidiary of Hill International, Inc., 4904 Petit Ave., Encino, CA 91436-1131; tel:(818) 981-1048, fax:(818) 981-3421.


American University of Armenia (AUA)
Michael Kouchakdjyan, Director of Administration.
40 Marshall Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan, Armenia 275019;
Tel (374-2) 271-096, 270-309, 273-439; fax: (374-2) 151-048.
Established in 1991, as a JV between the University of California at Los Angeles, Armenian General Benevolent Union (USA), and the Ministry of Education of Armenia.


Armenian Tomato Company
Processing and canning of fruits and vegetables.
Peter Petrosian, President (USA), Armand O. Ensanian, VP (USA)
Levon Tonyan, General Director (home address: 20 Tumanian St., Apt. 11, Yerevan, 375001, Armenia; tel: (374-2) 583-322 (h).
JV address: 4 Choban Kara Shosse, Ejmiadzin
Tel: (374-2)287-190.
Registered in May 1995, as a JV between the Ministry of Agriculture and P&E Food Production Technology Management, Inc. , 1066 Gridley Street, Bay Shore, NY 11706; tel: (516) 667-9339; fax: (516) 560-0611.

Armenian Sugar Company
Sugar-beet planting and processing
Mr. Peter Petrosian, President.
Registered in 1994, as a JV between the Ministry of Agriculture and P&E Food Production Technology Management, Inc. Tel: (516) 667-9339, fax: (516) 560-0611.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Armenia
3E-Tria Epsilon Group of companies (Greece) has built a Coca-Cola bottling line at the Yerevan Lemonade Plant
The production started in June 1996.
Timos Matragas, Coordinator - Armenia.
Tria Epsilon Group of Companies. 9 Fragoklissias Str., 15125 Maroussi, Athens P.O.B. 65072, 154 10 Psychico, Athens, Greece. Tel: 689 5500-10, telex:221773 hbch, fax: 689 5515.


Armenian Company of International Lottery & Gaming Instant lottery
Gagik Tchantchapanyan, Director
50 Nalbandian St., Apt. 103, Yerevan, Armenia 375010
Tel:(374-2) 589-913, 560-540, 587-289; fax: (374-2) 561-544
Founded in 1993, as a JV between the Armenian Trade Union Center (51%) and International Communication Technologies, Inc., Executive office: 12555 W. Jefferson Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, California 90066, tel: (310) 301-7680, fax: (310) 301-7635, Robert Block, Chairman of the Board; SBU: International Lottery & Gaming, Corp., 419 Greenleaf, Glencol, IL 60022-1907, tel:(708)835-0046, fax:(708) 835-8861, Michael Siegl, President (49%).


General import/export.
Ashot Rostomian, President, tel: (374-2)562-324, 5828-71.
Registered 1995, as a representation of Arco in USA, P.O. Box 873, Glendale, CA 91209-0873. Corporate office: 600 W. Broadway, Suite 355, Glendale, CA 91204

Wholesale distributor of commodities, consumer goods, and office supplies.
Levon Gevorkyan, President
18 Vardanants St., Yerevan, Armenia 375010
Tel: (374-2) 521-684; fax: (374-2) 527-650; telex: 243280 malg su.
Founded in 1995, as a JV between the concern Sigl (Armenia) and Segl International Export-Import, 1248 S. Glendale Ave., Suite AA, Glendale, CA 91205, Levon Gevorkyan, President

Arm Key
foodstuffs imports/sales
Viktor Saryan, Director
51 Komitas Street, Yerevan 375051 Armenia
tel: (374-2)238-010, 236-001; fax: (374-2)234-320
Founded in 1996, as a subsidiary of Cozy Foods (USA)

Battles Universal Armenia
General import-export
Christopher Principe, Chairman
25 Komitas Street, Yerevan Armenia
Tel: (374-2)27-30-02, 58-57-46
Registered in August 1995, as a JV with Battles Universal Inc., 200 Railroad Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 USA; tel: (203)661-4141; fax: (203)661-2555.

Export of optical crystal products.
Rudik Oganessian, Director.
Khachik Khachatryan, Deputy Director
63 Barbyus Street, Apt. 17, Yerevan, Armenia 375058
Tel: (374-2)22-57-29, 22-11-22.
Registered on August 24, 1995, as representative of American-Armenian trade association, LLC., 2525 North 860 East, Provo, Utah 84604. Tel: (801)377-1815, fax: (801)377-1815. Registered in April 1995. Narine Sarkisyan, Manager-Member. Reed (Dick) R. Callister, Member.

Bellevue Trading Incorporated
General wholesale trading, import/export.
Pavel Martirosov, President.
20 Tigran Mets Avenue, Suite 331, Vanadzor 377200 Armenia.
Tel (374-57)2-92-83, or 2-23-56.
Registered on July 3, 1995, as subsidiary of Bellevue Trading Incorporated, 2705 California Ave., P.O. Box 16703, Seattle, Washington 90816.

General food and supermarket suppliers.
Leonid Golosinsky, President (USA).
Levon Lachinyan, Executive Director.
Vigen Tumanyan, Manager.
10 Tumanyan St., Suite 2, Yerevan 375010 Armenia. Tel (374-2)58-40-94.
Registered in March 1996, as a subsidiary of Intertrust, Inc. 4240 Commercial Way, Glenview, IL 60025; tel/fax: 847-803-1482. The company is planning to engage in flour, wheat, sugar and other foods procurement for the government, as well as establish American-style supermarket, and consider investment opportunities in Armenian industries.

Import-export of food, construction materials and electronics, civil construction works
Hamlet Asryan, Director.
1 Charents St., Second floor, Yerevan, Armenia 375025
Tel: (374) 524-964, fax: (374) 524-964 or 151-789.
Founded in 1994 as a JV between Martin Co. and Champion International, 6233 Whittier Blvd., Los-Angeles, CA 90022, tel:(213) 722-4085, fax:(213) 720-748. Currently, Erebuni is not operating due to financial problems.

Phillip Morris
Tobacco products
Agaron Tatevosyan, Armenia Representative
Nerkin Zeitun, 2nd street, house 38, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel/fax: (374-2)64-55-28. Registered in 1996. Parent company: Phillip Morris Management Services, Kiev, Ukraine, tel: (380)290-79-41, 230-26-64, 290-09-93; fax: (380)230-26-65. Anna Kozorez, Investment Specialist.

Ralt Distribution LLC
Complete supermarket suppliers.
Mr. Ashot Rostomyam, CEO.
8 Hanrapetutyan Street, Suite 35
Yerevan 375010 Armenia
Tel: (374-2)566-741, fax: (374-2)151-094., E-mail: ralt@arminco.com.
Registered in March 1996, as a Subsidiary of Ralt Distribution based at 310 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 100, Fullerton, CA 92634; tel: (714) 578-9478; fax: (714)578-1810.
Tim Luberski, President
Steve Chaussy, Chief Financial Officer
Peter V. Guidry Jr., Marketing

Retail sale of pharmaceutical, medical and orthopedic commodities.
Henrik Bakunts, President.
18 Vardanants St., Yerevan, Armenia 375010
Tel: (374-2) 521-684, 647-600; fax: (374-2) 647-600.
Founded in 1995 as a JV between Armenian Disaster Neurology Research Center (50%), Tech Insurance Company (30%) and Sigl Export-Import (20%), 1248 South Glendale Ave., Suite AA, Glendale, CA 91205.

Sexess Petroleum Corporation
International trading of cars, and general merchandise
Karapet Astvatsatryan, President.
41 Tavrizyan St., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 274-004.
Established in 1993 as a subsidiary of Sexess Petroleum Corp, Glendale, California (same president).

Tigranes Worldwide
Distributor and retailer of U.S. cosmetics.
Richard Tigran Bezjian, President (USA).
Gurgen Balyan, Armenia Director.
20 Mashtotz Street, Yerevan Armenia 375002
Tel: (374-2)537-004.
Registered in November 1995, as a joint venture between Gurgen Balyan (Armenia) and Tigranes Worldwide, Inc., tel: (617)489-300, fax:(617)489-1486.


Production of silver jewelry
Ara Tonoyan, Director.
Michael Minasyan, Director (USA)
21 Shoprony St., Yerevan, Armenia 375021.
Tel:(374-2) 650-941.
Founded in 1990, as a JV between Garfield Fin. Corp. (85%) and the Yerevan Institute of Laser Equipment (15%).

Golden Pair Corporation
Manufacturing of optical devices and wholesale trade.
Mr. Jirair Shamilyan, President
13 Vram Shapuh Arka Street, Yerevan, Armenia 375002
Tel:(374-2) 582-243, 617-201; fax: (374-2) 526-821, 612-360.
Founded on November 6, 1992 as a JV of Golden Pair Corp., 4659 Hollywood blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027, tel:(213) 665-2576; fax: (213) 665-0709

Production of electric home appliances, plastic goods, instant lottery.
Levon Melikyan, Chairman of the Board
3A Hakobyan St., Yerevan, Armenia, 375033;
Tel: (374-2)221-021, fax:(374-2)151-073.
Established in 1990 as a JV.

Assembly and sale of optical equipments and glasses, biomedical services.
Martin Mirzoyan, Director.
20 Charentsy St., Suite 2-4, Yerevan, Armenia 375025
Tel: (374-2) 553-365, 564-746.
Founded 1993, as a subsidiary of Armenian Relief Society of Western USA Inc., 80 Bigelow Ave., Watertown, MA 02172; tel:(617)926-5892; fax:(617)926-4855.

Manufacturing of electric toys
Samvel Tumanyan, President.
Hakob Kukuryan, Executive Director.
12 Sevani St., Yerevan, Armenia 375023.
Tel: (374-2) 342-411, 567-652, 67-32; fax: (374-2) 567-652.
Registered in 1990, as a JV between Urarty Corporation (Armenia) and BMT Corporation (USA).

Tufenkian Armenia
Production and export of hand-made carpets and threads
James Tufenkian, President (USA).
Hambartsum (Garik) Chilingaryan, Manager.
21/1 Tumanyna St., Second Floor, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel:(374-2) 520-885, 511-259, fax:(374-2) 151-751.
Registered in July 1994 as a subsidiary of Tufenkian Export import Ventures, Inc.


Vertex Ventures, Ltd.
Publisher of Armenian Yellow Pages.
Assadour M. Ashdjian, President (USA).
3 Amiryan St., 3rd floor, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel:(374-2) 584-234, fax:(374-2) 583-197.
Registered in 1993 as a JV between the Yerevan City Council and Vertex Ventures, Ltd. (NY).


DHL Worldwide Express-Armenia
Agent - Michael Yukhanayev, Director
36 Demirchyan St., Floor 1, Yerevan 3750002
1 Charentsy St., Yerevan 375025 Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 586-688, fax: (374-2) 528-158.
Founded in 1995.

Federal Express
Agent - Areg Khachatryan, Director
1 Charentsy St., Yerevan 375025 Armenia
Tel:(374-2)574-686, 574-859, fax:(374-39) 07155
Founded in 1995


HPL Armenia
Software engineering.
David Y. Lepejian, President (USA)
Zaven Nalbandyan, Director.
Hovhannes Ghukasyan, Software Development Director.
22 Saryan Street, Yerevan, Armenia 375002
Tel:(374-2) 535-237.
Registered Feb 20, 1995 as a subsidiary of HPL Heuristic Physics Laboratories Inc., 1649 South Main St., Milpitas, California 95035 USA; tel:(408) 263-1475, fax:(408) 263-1584.

Research and development in natural sciences and architecture, wireless communication networks, software and hardware engineering
Gagik Evoyan, Director.
24a Marshall Bagramian St., Yerevan, Armenia, 375019
Tel:(374-2) 521-664, 273-418; fax:(374-2) 521-664.
Founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of Cilink Corp., Hermosa Court 910, Sunnyvale, California, tel: 735-5800.


Armenia Telephone Company (Armentel)
Long-distance service, telecommunications, cellular, paging, etc.
Berry Hon, President (USA).
Grigor Poghpatyan, Chairman of the Board
Vahram Soghomonyan, Executive Director and VP
22 Saryan St., Yerevan, Armenia 375002
Tel: (374-2) 580-123,520-915, 151-000, 70-32; fax: (374-2) 151-001.
Registered in July 1995 as a JV between the Ministry of Communication (51%) and Trans-World Telecom America, 25200 La Paz Rd., Suite 210, Laguna Hills, CA 92653; tel: (714)837-2388, fax (714) 568-8874.

Production of video telephones, digital telephone switches, and other electronic devices
Don H. Coleman, President (USA).
Stepan Demirchyan, Chairman of the Board and CEO.
111 Raffi St., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 738-323, 151-724; govt. Line: 50-44, fax: (374-2) 732-636, 151-724.
Founded in 1994, as a JV between MARS plant and ICT Group, 1255 West Jefferson Blvd., Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90066; tel: 310 301 7680; fax: 310 301 7635


Levon Travel Yerevan
Travel agent
Gary G. Titizian, President (USA).
Anahit Torosyan, Director.
10 Sayat Nova Blvd., Yerevan, 375009, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 525-210, fax: (374-2) 151-133.
Founded in 1991 by Levon Travel Bureau, Inc., 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028; tel:(213) 871-8711; fax: (213)462-7410.

Northwest Airlines/KLM (general sales agent)
10 Sayat Nova Blvd., Yerevan, 375009, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 525-210, fax: (374-2) 151-133., E-mail: klm@arminco.com

Sidon Travel Armenia
Travel agent
Hrair Babayan, Manager (USA).
Ovanes Sinanian, Executive Director (USA).
19 Sayat Nova St., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 522-967; fax: (374-2) 151-684.
Operating in Armenia since 1987 as an agent of Aeroflot (Russia). Re-registered in 1990 as a subsidiary of Sidon Travel and Tourism. Garo Avakian, President. 5825 Sunset Blvd., Suite 218, Los Angeles, CA 90028; tel: (213)266-9161; fax: (213) 466-2869.


For Dell Computer Corp.
(computers & peripherals)
Vallex F.M. Est., a subsidiary of a Netherland company with the same name, has become a dealer of Dell Computer Corp. in December 1995.
Mkrtich Martirosyan, Representative.
Sergey Solakhyan, Computer Salesman.
13 Moscovuan Street, Yerevan 375001 Armenia
Tel/fax: (374-2)56 09 00, e-mail: mart@vallex.arminco.com.

For Mars
(chocolate and candy bars).
Derjava-c, official distributor of Mars since 1995.
31/10 Mesrop Mashtots Ave., Yerevan, Armenia:
Tel:(374-2)530-058; fax: (374-2) 522-619.

For Proctor & Gamble.
(cleaning products, pampers)
"White" - distributor of P&G cleaning products.
Arman Zargaryan, Armenia Representative.
39 Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan, Armenia,
Tel: (374-2)562-708, fax: (374-2)520-231.
Registered in November 1995, as distributor for Proctor & Gamble Tuketin Mallari Sanayi A.S., Halkali Caddessi No. 206-34620 Sefakoy - Istanbul, Turkey. Tel: (90-212)698-96-00; fax: (90-212) 697-44-62

For Rank Xerox
Computer Service Ltd.
1 Charents Street, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: (374-2) 574-65, tel/fax: (374-2)575-37
Eduard Gabrielyan, President
Registered in January 1996 as an official dealer for
Xerox Buro Araclari Ticaret ve Servis A.S. Kasap Sokak, Konak Azxer Ishani No: 12, 80280/ Esentepe - Istanbul: tel: 0 212 - 274 93 54, fax: 0 212 - 267 12 80. Yervant Tirpan, Area Manager, Eurasia CBU.

For Reebok
(sports goods).
Armenian firm "Tigris" in 1995 became a dealer for Reebok. 29 Sayat Nova Street, Yerevan, Armenia: tel: (374-2)578-792

**Provided courtesy of the Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States (BISNIS)