The Archival Affairs Administration under the Goverment
of the Republic of Armenia

Archival affairs administration under the Republic of Armenia from 1993 (created in 1923).

The administration realizes the state organization of the Armenian national fund documents preservation, calculation and completing as well as the organization of state control over the officework in the republic.

The administration's central body structure;

The provizion of documents prezervation, calculation and organizing-methodics work department.
Document completing, departmental archives and office-work department.
Scientific information, publication work and foreign relations department.
Accountant's office.
The administration realizes the managament of archival affairs through the central state archives, regional state archives and departmental archives. The system of the Archival Affairs administration under the goverment of the Republic of Armenia includes;

In the system of administration function as well;

The regional state archives of the Armenian Republic

The state regional archives functioning on territorial characteristic are archival institutions which complate, calculate, preserve and use the national archival fund documents of territorial significance.

State regional archives have 41 branches.