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The school has been founded in 1919. It has a history of 82 years.
In 1956 it was renamed after Yeghishe Charents, a famous Armenian poet.
The school 65 students were awarded gold and silver medals.
10 years after the Earthquake the school was reconstructed in 1998 by German foreign aid organization "Diakonisches Werk" and "Caritas". 520 pupils study here now.
The school has its Computer room where the students created their Internet Club. The members of the Club have participated in the competitions organized by Narot and 3 Pomegranate projects.
The school also has soft puppets' workshop. 7-15 aged children are busy with. Isolated from overall dusty streets, the Earthquake ruins, the children create wonderful puppets with the help of their high exaggeration. These puppets are presented to many guests of the school.
In 1999 a Painting Club was founded. It specializes in miniatures. It is organized by a young talented painter Vardevar Grigoryan who worked hard to teach the children the secrets of creating miniatures, appreciate the beauty and the honesty. This page presents the works of the members of the Club. The works has been exhibited in Yerevan, Giumry and Stepanakert.
Summer 2001 was very productive for the Internet Club students. They got a good opportunity to participate the IATP Internet Grant Program which encouraged the children to master the skills of creating Web sites. The result of this hard work is the site of the miniatures which is called "virtual art gallery.





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