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Armenian Carpets
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Armenian Symbols (in Armenian)
Armenian eyes (in Armenian)
Avag shabat - the book for coloring (in Armenian)
Essays on Philosophy of Antiquity (in Armenian)
Grighor Zohrab-140 (in Armenian and English)
King's praying (in Russian)
Lord Byron and the Armenians
Sargis Pitsak (in Armenian)
Secrets of the old Sinay Symbols (in Armenian)
Serik  S. Davtyan biobibliography (in Armenian and Russian)
Sphinxes and dragons (in Russian)
Structure of Armenian Alfabet (in Armenian)
The Architect Hovhannes Qajaznuni (in Armenian)
The Basics of Etiquette (in Armenian)
The History of World Art (in Armenian, resume in French)
The Miniatures of Vaspurakan (in Armenian)
The Oral Tradition of the Western Armenians (in Armenian and English)
Venice and the Armenians (in Armenian)
Why some people like and don't like the Armenians? (in Armenian)

Treasures of Armenian Church (in Armenian, Russian and English)
Armenian Genocide 1915-2006 (in Armenian, Russian and English)

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Armenian Hieroglyphs as a Universal Language of Symbols (in Armenian, Russian and English)
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