24 North Main Street
Blackduck, Minnesota 56630

July 3, 19__

Ms. Christine Solars
Solars, Solars, and Wright
62 Onigum Road
Walker, Minnesota 56484

Dear Ms. Solars:

We are pleased that you will be participating in the Ecology Colloquium
sponsored by the Committee to Keep Minnesota Green. As we discussed in
our recent conversation, the Colloquium will take place on June 29 in the
convention room at the Blackduck Inn.

The Colloquium will begin with the keynote address at 10:30 A.M. At 11:00
you will join our other guests of honor in a debate on the topic,
"The Cost of Conversation: Public or Private Responsibilities?"

Along with the other members of the Committee, I am looking forward to
our meeting on the 29th.

Sincerely yours,