25-92 Queens Boulevard
Bayside, New York 11202
June 15, 19__

Ms. Loretta Vasquez
The Vasquez Travel Agency
1402 Broadway
New York, New York 10032

Dear Ms. Vasquez:

This month I completed a two-year course of study in Travel and Tourism
at the Bowker Business Institute, and my placement counselor, Mr. Robert
Feiner, suggested I apply to you for a position as assistant travel

As you will see from my enclosed resume, I have taken courses in nearly
every aspect of the travel industry. I have participated workshops
simulating computer and telephone operations, and I have had extensive
practice in ticketing and reservations.

My work experience, moreover, has helped me develop an ability to deal
with the public, a valuable asset for a travel agency. Not only as a
sales assistant, but even as a stock clerk, I have learned to be
customer oriented; I have found that courtesy and a smile keep business
flowing smoothly.

I would like very much, Ms. Vasquez, to put my skills to work for your
travel agency. I am available for an interview Monday through Friday
during business hours. You can reach me at 884-7788.

Yours truly,