Montgomery, Alabama 36044

October 19, 19__

Dear Wine Lover:

Did you know that, in blind tastings among distinguished wine
connoisseurs, California wines have been reaping the highest awards for
more than the past decade? In fact, California is now recognized
internationally as a producer of premium as well as jug wines.

California wines come in three basic types: Varietal wines are
named for the grape from which they are made, such as Cabernet,
Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. Generic wines are made in the
style of a region elsewhere in the world, such as Burgundy, Port, or
Champagne. And Proprietary wines are trademarked according to the name
of a wine blend produced by a particular wineyard, such as Wild
Irish Rose.

In addition to the better-known vintners, such as Gallo, Almaden,
and Paul Masson, California is the home of many small wineries that
produce outstanding wine in small quantities. To discover these
lesser-known (and often surprisingly affordable) wines is a delight
for any wine enthusiast. The perfect place to begin your search is your
local Liquor Land, where our friendly wine merchants are eager to
recommend their latest finds.

Let us please your palate soon.

Sincerely yours,