100 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

May 26, 19__

Mrs. Addison Tanghal
14 East Elm Street
Brookline, Massachusetts 02144

Dear Mrs. Tanghal:

It's been more than six months since you charged a purchase at Pine
& White, and we can't help worrying that we've done something to offend
you. We are sure you are aware of the convenience and ease your charge
account provides, but we would like to assure you once again that
everyone at Pine & White it always ready to serve you.

If you have encountered a problem with our service or merchandise,
we want to know. It is our sincere desire to give you the personal
attention and satisfaction you have come over the years to expect from
Pine & White. And we welcome the advice of our customers and friends to
keep us on our toes.

Please fill out the enclosed reply card if something has been
troubling you. We will give your comments immediate attention, as we
look forward to seeing you once again at our Brookline store and all
our other branches.

  Sincerely yours,

Ms. Christine Popoulos
Customer Relations