Route 22
Eugene, Oregon 97405

February 10, 19__


You were right in there when the microwave oven made its debut, and
you've seen that "stove of the future" become part of the past, making
profits for us both today.

Well, we at New Stove haven't stopped looking toward the future, and we
are about to unveil what we expect will be the stove every American
housewife will be cooking on by the end of the century - the Sunlight

The Sunlight is a solar-powered stove that uses a set of four reflectors
to concentrate the rays of the sun on its cooking chamber. It can do
anything a gas or an electric range can do without the high cost of
fuels. As Americans become more and more energy conscious, we believe the
Sunlight will be the cooking appliance they turn to.

The Sunlight has to be seen to be believed. So we've arranged a week of
demonstrations at our factory showroom. To see this solar-powered
phenomenon in action, just contact your New Wave representative,
________ , at 824-8229. She'll be happy to arrange an appointment
for you.

Yours truly