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March 3, 19__


What do Miss Universe and Mr. America have in common? They both lift
weights to keep in shape-with very different results of course. And
many women across the country are discovering - just like Miss Universe
- that weight lifting is an effective and fun way to a better-looking
body and better health in the bargain.

All-Pro has put together a special package to help women get started. We
will send you a pair of three-pound dumbbells and a fully illustrated
body-building regime. In just 45 minutes a day, three days a week, these
easy-to-follow exercises will firm up every muscle of your body from your
deltoids to your calves.

Despite the myths that have grown up around body-building, lifting weight
will not make a woman look like a man. Does Farrah Fawcett look like Burt
Reynolds? And weight lifting is completely safe. According to Dr. Leonard
Paddington of the Phoenix Sports Medicine Institute, "Weight lifting,
which strengthens the cardiovascular system, is safe for people of all
ages. If you start a weight-lifting program now, you will be able to
continue to whatever age you want".

Weight lifting shows results faster than any other form of exercise. Get
started now and you'll be all set for your bathing suit and the beach
this summer.

Our Women'n'Weights package, with the two dumbbells and complete exercise
regime, at the low low price of $21.95, is available only through the
mail. You can't buy it in any store. And for a limited time only, we will
send you, along with your purchase, an exercise mat FREE. This 100%
cotton, quilted mat is machine washable, a $6.96 value.

To order your Women'n'Weights package, and your free exercise mat, SEND
NO MONEY NOW. Just fill in the enclosed postage-paid reply card, and your
better body will be on its way to you.

Yours truly