81 Warren Street
New York, New York 10028

August 28, 19__

Mr. Thomas Shandy
109 Glimmer Circle
Larchmont, New York 10107

Dear Mr. Standy:

We are sorry that you are not completely satisfied with your Atlas Vacuum
Cleaner. You are entirely justified in expecting more than four years of
reliable use from an Atlas appliance, and we are always eager to service
any product that does not for some reason live up to standard.

We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to examine the damaged
vacuum cleaner. According to our service department, the filter had never
been replaced although the owner's manual advises replacement every few
months. As a result, the motor itself gradually became clogged with dust
and dirt.

The cost of repairing and cleaning the vacuum is estimated at $35. If you
would like to have it repaired, please let us know. With regular cleaning
and replacement of the filter and exhaust bag, you should receive several
more years of service from your Atlas appliance.

Yours truly,