811 Regent Street
Phoenix, Arizona 99087
December 3,19_

Gleason's Department Store
2297 Front Street
Phoenix, Arizona 99065

Dear Sirs:

I have just received the November statement on my charge
account ( No. 059-3676). The statement lists a purchase for $83.95,
including tax , which I am sure I did not make.

This purchase was supposedly made in Department 08 on November 12.
But because I was out of town the week of the tenth and no one else is
authorized to use my account, I am sure the charge is in error.

I have checked all the other items on statement against my sales reseipts
and they all seem to be correct. I am therefore deducting the $83.95 from
the balance on the statement and sending you a check for $155.75.

I would appreciate your looking into this matter so that my account
may be cleared.

Sincerely yours,