1951 Benson Street
Bronx, New York 10465

May 2, 19__

RBM Manufacturing Company, Inc.
4022 Ninth Avenue
New York, New York 10055

Dear Sirs:

We intend to purchase a new office copier before the end of the
fiscal year. We would like to consider an RBM copier and wonder
if you have a model that would suit our needs.

Our office is small, and a copier would generally be used by
only three secretaries. We run approximately 3,000 copies a
month and prefer a machine that regular paper. We would like
a collator, but rarely need to run off more than 25 copies at
any one time.

We would also like to know about your warranty and repair service.

Since our fiscal year ends June 30, 19__ , we hope to hear from
you soon.

Sincerely yours,

William Wilson
Office Manager