California Institute of Psychiatry
629 Seventh Avenue
San Francisco, California 94120

September 1, 19__

The Honorable Nelson McKenzie
The State Capitol Building
Sacramento, California 91400

Dear Mr. McKenzie:

Thank you for your recent request for my endorsement of your campaign for
United States Senator. I am honored that you believe my name could be
of value to you.

My professional policy, however, is to refrain from public endorsements.
In my practice, I treat patients of all political parties, and I strongly
believe that it is in their best interest that I maintain a nonpartisan

Privately, of course, I allow myself more leeway. I have always been
impressed by your stand on the issues, particularly your support of the
Equal Rights Amendment. I wish you all the best in your campaign and am
enclosing a personal contribution of $100.

Sincerely yours,

Agnes Cafiero, M.D.