P.O. Box 799
Dallas, Texas 75220

April 10, 19__

Mrs. Donna Phillips
Crosby, Texas 77532

Dear Mrs. Phillips:

Thank you so much for ordering Indra Madhur's outstanding book, An
Introduction-to Indian Cooking. As you know, in the fifteen years since
its first publication, Mr. Madhur's book has become a classic and
a standard for great cooks everywhere.

Sadly, An Introduction is no longer in print, and I am returning your
check for $15.95. But to satisfy your interest in Indian cuisine, I would
like to suggest an alternative, Purnamattie Jaffre's Indian Gourmet.
Ms. Jaffre was a student of Mr. Madhur, and her recently published
volume has been widely hailed by both food and cookbook critics.

If you would like a copy of Indian Gourmet, which costs only $13.95,
please let me know, and I will immediately send it to you.


David Ewing
Order Department