[in Armenian, Russian]


Armenian Telecomunication Information Computer Center "Search" proposes a programing system of computer desk printer's "Hayk" in Armenian, Russian and English developed for the first time in international practice.
The system may be used be individuals (writers, journalists, scientists, students etc.) and also by enterprises, cooperatives, computer centers and publishing houses.
The programing system includes the following program modules:

  • Input, edition, storage of text information (text - editor);
  • Compiling of documents using prints, illustrations, graphics, formulas (text - processor);
  • Output of the formation on typing sets: sets of different types including 5 laser, 10 matrix (9 and 24 needles) and 10 in graphic mode (printing subsystem);
  • Compiling of the whole document, article, bulletine, book or some of its parts according to the model of one formed page (formator of registration certificats of publications);
  • Page by page reading of a formed document in different scales (reading of the pages made - up);
  • Drawing, scanning with the scanner and reading of illustrations, graphic drawings that may be included into the text printed (illustration - editor);
  • Coordination of codes of the information received from the different systems of the text processing via phone - radio lines of telecomunication (code - transformer);
  • Compiling and usage of different individual vocabularies and other dictionaries; the usage of English - Russian, Russian - English, English - Armenian and Armenian - English dictionaries, each of them containing about 20-25 thousand words (automated dictionary);
  • Checking of the spelling by the dictionaries containing about 30 thousand words in each language (spelling checker);
  • Effective search of a telephone - subscriber in the electronic notebook (telephone directory);
  • Automation of busy and free time planning with the notifying system ;
  • Calendar - planner;
  • Solution of any mathematical expression (calculator);
    -Making of qualitative, quantitive and comparative analysis of different processes, accounts, valuation of economic and social data, statistics and input of them in the form of liner, column and circle gistograms and diagrams (busines - graphics);
  • Formation and calculation of electronic tables (table calculator );
  • Formation, processing and search of information in various card-catalogues, directories ets. ( archives - catalogue );
  • The communication system developed gives an opportunity of passing the documents prepared to any user via local or global computer network.
  • The proposed system " HAYK " has actually the whole set of means available to modern systems such as Venture Publisher, Page Maker, Wordstar, Frame Work-II, Lotus 1-2-3, Lexicon, Master.
  • "Hayk" has 8 advantages as compared with similar intended sof ware.
      1. " Hayk" can be used on any IBM compatible computer.
      2. Configuration of the keyboard may be changed in accordance with the wish of the user.
      3. " Hayk " is developed as an open system that can be inlarged by connecting up any program of the user.
      4. " Hayk " is a absolutely original system and can have commercial use both in the USSR and abroad.
      5. The system includes about 14 founts of different types for Russian, English and about 15 ones for Armenian letters, that can be typed on different printers (including laser). If needed founts can be generated by the order of the user.
      6. The built-in communication system allows to form " electronic papers ", " bulletins " and to transmit them in electronic mail mode.
      7. Available cost of the system allows to purchase it by the transfer or in cash. Depending on the configuration chosen the cost varies from 1 to 10 thousand roubles. Abroad " Hayk " can be bought for hard currency.
      8. Documentation in Armenian and Russian is applied, and given hierarchic system of prompting is also useful both for beginners and efficient users. Documentation is available on a contractual basis. Commercial distribution of " Hayk " is maintained by ARTIACC " Search ".
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