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Center "Search" proposes for foreign and inner (in the USSR) diasporas an original integrated communication Armenian - language system "Hayas"for personal computers, developed for the first time in international practice. The system provides operative "Armenia-Diaspora" communication between foreign and inner (in the USSR) Armenian communities, enterprises and organizations, cooperatives, educational institutions, private persons, etc.
It may be used for remote computer education, for organizing electronic mail, tele-conferences, and for the composition of Armenian-language electronic newspaper.
This Communication System (CS), "Hayas", gives the opportunity to personal computer work as a part of the local or regional computer network. It allows to connect the personal computer with the network, thus providing the interaction between
the personal computer and remote resourses and giving all required services.
CS "Hayas" allows the use of the personal computer as an intelligent terminal, when connected to the host computer. It provides the user with a large set of world's best known communication programs.
Moreover, it allows the user to work with texts of different languages, giving an opportunity to form, to process and to transmit Armenian and English textual information via regional, national and international computer network.
CS "Hayas" is mobile enough and can be used on any IBM compatible personal computer.
CS "Hayas" includes the following program modules:

CS "Hayas" has 3 advantages as compared with similarly intended software, such as CROSSTALK-XVI, PROCOM, PC-TALK, MT 100: CS "Hayas" is very user friendly and the time needed for training is only a few hours.
The proposed system can be used on any IBM compatible personal computer.
The cost of CS "Hayas" is reasonably placed within the limits of world prices for similar systems and a discount is offered to members of the Armenian Branch of the International Computer Club (AB of ICC).
For additional information, please contact Center "Search".