Fig. 1
Mt. Pangeion: detail of oxen with care on rock above monastery

Fig. 2-3
Mt. Pangeion: detail of animal figures from the two rocks.

Fig. 4
World Distribution: Major Areas of Rock Art.

Fig. 5
Tracing Epi-Paleolitbic rock engravings in Valcamonica.

Fig. 6
Tracing Bronze Age rock engravings in Bobuslaan, Sweden

Fig. 7-8
Rock art survey in the Sinai peninsula, Egypt

Fig. 9
Tracing rock engravings at Stonebenge, G. B.

Fig. 10
Engraved monolith near Novosibirsj, Siberia, U.S.S.R. Several phases are overlapped and represent different periods.

Fig. 11
A large engraved rock at Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Fig. 12
Bronze Age couple from the rock engravings of Bobuslaan, Sweden.

Fig. 13, 14, 15
Rock painting at Laura, York peninsula, Australia.

Fig. 16
Chumash sacred cave paintings from California, USA.

Fig. 17
Huge cave paintings at Santa Borjita, Baja California, Mexico.

Fig. 18
Hand stencils from southern Patagonia, province of Chubut, Argentina.

Fig. 19-20
Rock paintings of Minas Gerais, Region of Lagoa Santa, Brazil.

Fig. 21-22-23
Painted rock shelters in the Central Sabara, Tassili'n'Ajjer, Algeria.

Fig. 24a-24b-25-26
Rock paintings at Bhumbetka, Madbya Pradesh, India.

Fig. 27-28
Rock engraving at the Tago River, Portugal.

Fig. 29-30
Guano paintings at Magoura Cave, Bielograd-chik, Bulgaria

Fig. 31
Large human figure painted in the Central Sahara, Tassili'n'Ajjer, Algeria.